Issue 8 Magazine Opinions

K-Pop Taking Over the World?

It is no secret that Korean pop music has been circling around the globe for a while now. Fangirls and fanboys freak out when they hear the name “BTS” BTS, one of the biggest K-pop boy bands, has stolen everyone’s hearts and won many awards over the past two years. As BTS has stepped into the Western world, so has other boy and girl bands as well. BLACKPINK, Twice, GOT7, and EXO are also huge influencers in the world of K-pop. Let me give you a brief summary of these groups.

BLACKPINK is a girl group comprised of four members. They are popular for their  powerful singing concepts of love. Of course, they wouldn’t be K-idols without their charismatic personalities.. This girl group not only turns heads, but they are also breaking the mold of what it means to be a girl group with their kick-ass concepts.. 

BLACKPINK is coming to America,, and so is TWICE–a girl group with nine gorgeous members that is equally as talented as the other girl groups. They have sold the top three best selling albums in 2017. Their cute gestures, bubbly singing, and iconic music videos have their fans gushing in adoration. 

GOT7 and EXO are rapidly diffusing out to America as well in addition to being very popular in South Korea. EXO has sold over 1.1 million copies in just ten days. GOT7 has not hit the top charts as rapidly as EXO has, but they have released three albums and twenty singles. The members are to die for and to cry over, but their dance moves combined with their power vocals and good looks has everyone impressed and ready to jump into their fandom. All of these girl and boy groups are huge influencers that have huge armies of fans everywhere, but the question is, how are they influencing the world?

Only recently has Korean pop music made its way everywhere around the world. K-pop can be listened and enjoyed by everyone–not just Korean speakers.Unlike other Western pop singers, K-idols train for years to brush up and perfect their  dancing. K-pop idols have to learn complex dances while singing in live performances–truly something fans admire. It creates  an interesting contrast with Western pop stars, who don’t focus on choreography. This different music and faces might interest you, even if you typically don’t listen to anything but American pop. It might change your perspective on the music industry. 

As I mentioned before, these influencers are coming to America and performing, like Blackpink performing at Coachella and BTS performing at Billboard Music Awards, making them more well known to people that do not know much about K-pop. They might not be taking over everywhere just yet, but their music will eventually be known worldwide.