Issue 8 Magazine

Letters to the Page and Our Responses

In response to various controversies surrounding the May issue, and in our never-ending quest to better our publication and adhere to the highest, professional journalistic standards, the Page has formally re-established Letters to the Editor. Through this, we hope to resolve any issues surrounding the Page, improve our relationships with the community and our readers, and receive constructive criticism. The following are the letters to the Editor submitted for this issue:

Dear Page Staff: 

The early May issue? You can do better than that.  I know you can; I’ve seen you do it.

You took the easy way out by putting out a joke issue, and while I assume you had fun doing it, the content of most of the pieces was insensitive, not thought through and made a number of teachers sad and hurt.  We come to our careers each day with positive intent, ready to do the best teaching we can on that day, and to make Las Lomas a kind and positive place.  

Also, Page staffers are surely taught that a core tenet of being a journalist is to “do no harm,” and you know that your job, especially now, is a sacred one, so please put your awesome teen energy into creating something smarter that will make Las Lomas a better place. 

Thanks for being open to my feedback and not all of the articles were insensitive, btw.

Ms. Reeves-Hampton

PS How much did all those color copies cost?!”

Dear Page,

I feel like staff need to suck it up. No one can take a joke anymore. If no one can take little jokes in this world by the time they are adults, they will crumble in society. That’s what makes Las Lomas as depressing as it is. We have overly sensitive privileged people thinking they can complain every five seconds and talk about how they are hurt by some stupid comment. If you think someone calling you dumb or short or whatever is the worst of the worst, just wait. That’s what I think. All due respect: you shouldn’t even say sorry. Yes I understand “SCHOOL SHOULD BE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT.” Well, look around, Las Lomas staff: there are worse things than comments on The Page. There are bullying, people having addictions, unsafe home environments, racism, discrimination. Sorry that’s my take. Love you, Ms. Anders. You don’t deserve this hypocrisy. 

Ayah Salehi

I would like to put this out: a lot of good kids I know use vape, cigarettes, weed, and other stuff. And, the staff are trying to stop this. I never used any of these things, ever. Never have. Never will, but to put “don’t be uncuul, use a juul” is taking it a bit far, and who the heck authorized this?!?!?! And, I know that this is a joke, but I’m not laughing. This just makes me pity whoever authorized this because if you start smoking now, it will mess up the entire next generation of kids. And, I Don’t ever want to see that happen!!!

Patrick Perucho

We appreciate you reaching out and voicing your thoughts and feelings regarding our May spoof issue. This “joke” publication was apart of an annual tradition The Page created many years ago. It was in no way a last resort or us taking the easy way out. The purpose of the spoof issue is to make readers laugh through the use of satire. We recognize that there were several insensitive errors made that we regret including. However, there were also many articles that we are proud of and stand behind. We have learned from this entire situation and will make sure that future spoof issues are handled in a more sensitive manner. We realize that a portion of our readers were hurt by this publication. That being said, we have apologized for our missteps to all faculty and staff, as well as the board. We look forward to continuing creating quality publications and making Las Lomas a better place. 

Kylia Blackstock and Vanessa Jamieson, Co-Editors-In-Chief

It is true that specific articles in Issue 7 were insensitive and harmful to the community. In several of our articles last issue, especially the piece on Senior Superlatives, we neglected our duty to the community and the spoof  proved harmful to some of our readers. As we consider ourselves servants of the community, we’ve taken criticisms such as yours into full consideration and entered into a period of reflection and reform. Accordingly, we’re proud to have apologized, on multiple occasions and to multiple individuals, for our behavior last issue. These formal apologies are available below:

 Lukas Carbone, Co-Online-Editor-in-Chief

     Dear Dr. Nickerson and Board:

We would like to apologize to anybody negatively affected by our recent May Issue of The Las Lomas Page. We offer our apologies for hurt we have caused our community. Our May issue was a huge mistake on what has otherwise been a successful set of publications. We are sorry.

The month of April spread our staff thin. We worked on a documentary film instead of the May Issue. It was a misstep to take on more than we could. We have  learned from our mistakes and promise to provide an appropriate and well executed publication in the future. We never had malintent.

We fully accept responsibility for our mistake and understand the negative effect that this issue had on our Las Lomas community. We take extreme pride in what we do and hope that in the future our work may prove to those we have hurt that this issue was a mistake and not the norm. We hope that what has happened recently will not leave a lasting stain on a program that we have worked so hard to make succeed.

      Our Sincerest Apologies,

      the Las Lomas Page Staff

Dear LLHS, 

I have spoken to a number of people yesterday about the spoof edition of The Page. Many are terribly hurt by the publication..

I wanted to reach out to all of you as your colleague and apologize for the hurtful superlative of issue. I dropped the ball as the advisor and though the writers followed industry protocols (got permissions, etc.) the section was mean and in bad taste. Frankly, I am ashamed of it.

I need to do a better job in discussing the nuance of satire with my staff. I promise to do better in the future. Once again, I am sorry.

      Liz Anders