Issue 8 Magazine Sport

Offers Bombard Newell

by Hermela Desalegne

Junior Isaiah Newell has gotten many offers from different colleges around the country for playing varsity football at Las Lomas High School for three years (sophomore through senior year). He said that it was tough to narrow it down to four or five colleges because they were all great schools from the perspective of football and academics. He said he has gotten offers from mainly out-of-state schools: “Arizona State University, Colorado State University,  University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Nevada State University, and Boston College…schools I got offers from that are in in-state are San Diego State University, Fresno State University, and San Jose State University.” Newell found a way to narrow down about ten college offers to about four colleges. “I am really only considering Arizona State University, Colorado State University, University of Oregon, and San Diego State University because I like how they are a big school and I can actually see myself going to these schools.”  

Newell also stated, “When I visited these colleges I’m serious about, I could really see myself in their offensive line which is most important for me; plus, the academics at these schools are really good too.” Newell doesn’t really have a specific deadline or time limit where he needs to make a decision for when he commits to a college: “I basically can pick when I want to commit, but I am going to commit in August.” 

Ultimately, any college he picks will be excited and privileged to have a player like Newell representing their college.  Newell still has his senior year on the football team and  he will surely have an amazing and successful season. Las Lomas will definitely miss him and his energy out on the field when he graduates, but is excited to see where he ends up.