Entertainment Issue 8 Magazine

Our Seniors’ Last Days

After twelve years of school, including four long years at Las Lomas, our class of 2019 has only weeks left in their last year of high school. These students are taking advantage of the little time they have left. On May 3rd, the school invited all the seniors to the senior picnic, where they got to hang out with their friends and spend time together before they graduate. Many seniors said that they enjoyed time with their friends, played games and had really good food. After Ball was Senior Ditch Day, and many people used it to their advantage to enjoy the day off and spend it with their friends before the school year is over. Allison Philipps planned to “go to the beach with my friends.” Of course, senior year is a handful it has its ups and downs. As Ella Lipelt, senior,  said, “It feels great to almost be done with my senior year so I am able to start fresh in college, but I feel I will also be sad because I have to leave my friends.”

With difficult problems like ‘senioritis,’ college applications and the senior projects, many students have gotten advice through the years on how to survive their senior year, and many have advice for the lowerclassmen. Sita Hoehner said, “Don’t start falling behind in senior year, especially towards the end. Think long and hard about college and don’t miss deadlines.” These students still managed to make the best out of their last year at Las Lomas even through all the work and time spent to finally be graduating. Ryan Bain said, “Don’t take your time for granted and try to enjoy every moment.” Senior year is said to be one of the best years of high school, and Chris Patino says that to nearly be done with senior year “is like the relief you feel after a sneeze, blessed.” Las Lomas brought these students four years of hard work and great memories to remember for the rest of their lives. Sydney Bramhall said one of the best parts of her senior years was when “my friend Olivia Lewis and I helped Ms. Wentner adopt a dog from ARF.” Many students are sad to see themselves and their friends go, but they can not wait to graduate and start fresh with college. High school is a crazy adventure and for the class of 2019, it is coming to an end. But even though it’s over, their memories here will last a lifetime.