Entertainment Issue 8 Magazine

Pikachu Coming to Life?

Pokémon is a part of many childhoods. Now, it is one of the many TV shows that is getting the special spotlight that it deserves. Yes, this means Pikachu. If anyone is not familiar with the Pokémon series, they might be very familiar with the debatably cutest creature there is. The iconic Pikachu is very widely known to the crowd, and this little yellow creature makes everyone ‘awww’ over him because of his overloading cuteness. Pikachu has been stuck as an animation, but now is his time to finally shine through. 

The new movie that Warner Bros has produced, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, has everyone jumping from their seats in excitement. Believe it or not, Ryan Reynolds takes on the role of this cute creature, and absolutely nails it. Things have gotten ten times cuter. Not only is Pikachu cuter in a real-life formation, Pikachu finally has a voice. Not a cute, high pitched voice though; Pikachu sounds more like an adult man. This threw a lot of people off guard, but it is still a very intriguing movie. Director Rob Letterman has thrown in a twist by turning this cute Pikachu into a more serious and mature version. The movie itself is serious, especially since it is about detectives and a mysterious case to find his partner detective; not many people were ready to see Pikachu all grown up. Although this is the case (no pun intended), Letterman still has managed to make this film look very silly and wholesome to watch–not just for the kids, but for some young adults as well. In the trailer, the film portrays some wittiness through all this seriousness, and finds a lot of fun in trying to find his other detective friend. 

Enough about Pikachu, all his other Pokémon friends show a lot of power talent as well. As they are one Pokémon family, they have to stay by each other’s side, right? Of course. Pikachu can’t just fight the battle of trying to find his friend alone, so he has his pals to give him a helping hand. All of Pikachu’s friends show off a lot of their capabilities and skills through many battles, as it is shown in the trailers, and their battles seem incredibly epic. They are not just those Batman fights that you see in dark alleys, but fights that are in stadiums with huge crowds, loud music, and bright lights. Now this is what you call a real fight.

 This film portrays the hardships that the Pokémon must endure to find what they need, and it gives a lesson to everyone about never giving up. Always trust your gut feeling and if you feel like something is missing, go out of your way to find that missing piece. Through these fighting battles and the mysteriousness in the missing of the detective, the Pokémon never gave up in trying to find the detective.