Entertainment Magazine Volume 69, Issue 1

A Taste of Summer ‘19

by Charlie Rosen & Alyssa Clouston

Now that summer is over, it’s time to go back and evaluate the biggest hits in music, movies, and events of the recent months and see how great the summer of ‘19 really was. Music is very popular among teens, especially in the summer, when kids are jamming out to Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber on a hot day. “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello, topped the charts this summer, reaching number one on the singles chart in July. The duo between Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran, “I Don’t Care,” was another record breaking song, breaching the spotify top 10 with 819 million streams in just a single day. Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated album, Lover, including the hit single “Me” on August 23rd. Many music festivals occurred during the summer including Northern Lights, San Jose Summer Fest, and POLK Street Blues, but the most popular festival of the summer was Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park, which over 200,000 people attended. Outside Lands includes all types of music including EDM, rap, and pop. The lineup was highlighted with famous artists like Childish Gambino, 21 pilots, and Lil Wayne. Each singler performed a small set, usually consisting of a few of their most popular songs.

Many exciting movies came out this summer, but the movie that broke the box office in July was Spider-Man: Far From Home. People indulged in the Marvel adventure and followed the beloved Peter Parker around the world on his school’s international field trip. As soon as the movie hit the theaters, ticket sales skyrocketed. 34.3 million dollars worth of tickets were sold. Another hit movie was Disney’s The Lion King. The amazing CGI shocked people nationwide and the film made over 25 million dollars. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a film that brings us back to the 1969 Hollywood film industry, made about 22.3 million dollars. Although this is Quentin Tarantino’s ninth movie, it’s also his first movie without the influence of Harvey Weinstein. 

Swimming is another common activity this summer, due to the hot weather here in California. Local pools like Dewing Park and Heather Farms are always crowded with people trying to beat the heat. Swim team, as always, was in full swing during the summer with two meets a week, on Wednesday and Saturday. City Meet, on June 29th and 30th, was between all the local swim teams in our area, adding up to over 2,000 people and lasting almost two full days. Conference was the final meet of the year and was the final competition between the swim teams. From music festivals. hit billboard songs, top movies, and intense swim meets, this summer was filled to the brim with excitement.