Entertainment Magazine Volume 69, Issue 1

Area 51… Music Festival??

Area 51 has been the center of many conspiracy theories, dating all the way back to 1947, when a UFO allegedly crashed on the site. Since then, the area has been mysteriously disguised by the government as a highly classified U.S. Air Force facility. Yet theories still circulate that Area 51 is where the government keeps all the information and evidence of extraterrestrial life. Recently a Facebook user, Matty Roberts, started a movement to raid Area 51 on September 23rd, 2019. The movement began as a joke, but over two million people signed up to join the raid, and another one and a half million said they were at least interested in going. Roberts began to worry that the FBI would get involved and that people would get hurt at the event, and pushed for a new plan called Alienstock. Alienstock is a festival that was set to take place from Friday, September 20th to Sunday, September 22nd. It was supposed to include camping in the desert outside of Area 51, performances by EDM music artists, and hanging out with fellow alien lovers. The festival was set to take place in Rachel, Nevada, which is the closest town to Area 51. Rachel is a very small town with a population of less than 100, and it doesn’t even have a gas station. Inhabitants of the town were very concerned about the festival because they don’t have the infrastructure to support thousands and thousands of people. 

As the event grew closer, the official Alienstock website started to accept pre-orders of food, so that people could secure meals to pick up at the food trucks catering the festival. They asked for donations for hydration stations, security, portable toilets, and emergency services, because currently the town is lacking the means to support the festival. Roberts hoped to make this festival part of the “Leave No Trace” movement, meaning that everyone has to leave with at least the same amount of items they came with. Also, the town has very spotty cell service, so festival attendees would not be able to use their phones to contact people. Alienstock is supposed to be a replacement of the raid; However, it is highly possible that people will still invade Area 51. As of September 12th, the festival was officially moved to the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center, after fears began to arise that there would be some sort of disaster at the festival, and Rachel wouldn’t have the means to stop it. Now the event is only one night long and is on September 19th. For an update on what actually happened at Area 51, visit The Page online!