Magazine Sport Volume 69, Issue 1

Girls Volleyball Spikes into the 2019

by Cael Hill

The girls volleyball team seems to be facing a lot of ups and downs this year. Last year they didn’t do too bad, but this season is definitely looking good. New sophomores moving up from last year to the varsity seem to be making quite the difference on the court, replacing the seniors lost last year. In both practices and games these new players are making major contributions on the team. There is also a talented freshman on the team, Nadya Novichkova, who shows much promise regarding her career in volleyball. 

Volleyball might look easy, but it’s quite a complicated sport, there is the setter, the outside hitter, the opposite hitter, middle blocker and the libero. There are six players on the court at a time with subs during the game. Scoring is difficult to keep track of because everyone is doing their best to keep the ball from touching the floor within the boundary. New players to volley ball have to work very hard in order to make the team. Let alone be sophomores and freshmen on the varsity team.

Though pure talent can’t really save an entire season, practice makes perfect and this team has a vigorous schedule, which makes it hard to keep up. The coach watches clips of games and takes careful and precise notes to improve their game in practice. In order to do this the players and coach both have to realize and accept their mistakes made during the game, and in this process they improve heavily. That’s why their overall play has been solid so far this year. Since practice makes perfect and their practice is so difficult, winning the championship may not be too far fetched of a dream to happen.