Magazine Sport Volume 69, Issue 1

Isaiah Newell Commits to Oregon State University

Senior Captain and three star football player Isaiah Newell has had quite the journey. During his high school career, he has been heavily recruited by big name colleges such as Oregon State, University of Arizona, Arizona State, University of Hawaii, University of Southern California, and many more. With all these offers on his plate, he has had a lot to think about before his senior season. 

As most people around the community have heard, Isaiah recently announced his commitment. He decided that he will continue his football career after high school at Oregon State University. Oregon State has pursued Newell the most, and he showed no hesitation in wanting to join their program. I recently spoke with Newell, and he expressed to me that the commitment process wasn’t all that stressful, and did not take long for him to know where he wanted to go. While visiting the campus at Oregon State, he said he “felt at home.” 

“They really care about you as an individual, not just a football player,” said Newell while speaking about the coaching staff. The way he expressed how he knew what his commitment was is very clear: “I don’t know how else to really explain it, but it’s like once you get a feel for it, you just know what you want.” Clearly, Oregon State made Isaiah feel important and wanted. 

When asked if there was a lot of outside noise with people trying to give him suggestions on where to go and things of that nature, Newell replied that a lot of people would tell him that these schools were cool and that he should go to this school or that school, but he never paid attention to others.  Usually high school athletes commit around the same time, which is closer to February, but Isaiah has a special story, as he decided to commit on August 15th of this year. “I wanted to focus on my high school team so we can win a state title, and I wanted to commit on my father’s birthday so that it would be special,” said Newell. Isaiah Newell’s high school career has been one heck of a story, and he is going to continue that this season.