Features Magazine Volume 69, Issue 1

Miles Hall Tribute

“This makes me feel like I need to live life everyday like Miles did to fulfill myself,” says Mason Reese while commenting on the death of Miles Hall. He passed away on June 2, 2019, and was not only a son and a friend, but a light in this world who brought laughter and joy into every conversation and room he walked into. Hall left momentous impacts on the people he left behind. His family and friends describe him as an extremely intelligent person with many ambitions and a good soul.

With a passion for music, Hall learned to play piano when he was 15 years old. Using that skill, Miles started making beats and expressed himself by rapping and creating music. Junior Mason Reese a close cousin to Hall fondly remembers the conversations they had,  “He used to be really good at skateboarding, people used to think that was going to be his thing,”  said Reese. 

Religion also played a big part in Hall’s life, which Oscar Amen, a family friend, believes was a huge help in tough times. “He was really into church and religion which was a really good thing for him at the time…[and] gave him hope for better things and it helped him look at a new way of life.”

Miles was gifted with a personality that easily rubbed off on people, “He’d make a lot of jokes, it was always something minor to make you laugh, make you smile. He’s always making people smile.” He was known for keeping a brave face in situations that were stressful and having a tangible calmness that made his friends feel like everything would be okay. Amen easily recalls old memories about Hall’s loving and charitable personality. “He was a really helpful person. There’s a story about him going over to neighbors house and trying to be friends with their dog because he thought the dog didn’t like him. He was a really good soul, a beautiful person.” Reese and Amen both mention the way Miles was easily able to make the people he loved feel special and heard while giving insightful advice. Amen says, “I thought it was really cool of him to be able to come into conversations and ask questions that no one else would ask and they were very intelligent: he was always super smart and he didn’t have to work at it.”  Miles is described  as endlessly curious by Reese, “He’s always willing to learn, everytime we hung out he’d ask a volley of questions, and it was really cool because I’d never met anybody that asked me so many.” 

The footprint Miles left behind won’t have to be remembered because he has impacted and changed every person he’s met for the better. Whether it be his charismatic and amiable personality, or the warmth he had that drew so many people to him, Miles was a light in every way. Reese puts it best: “I want to keep Miles in my memories and hopefully people who knew him or didnt know him will keep him in theirs.”