Features Magazine Volume 69, Issue 1

New Teachers at Las Lomas

Sabrina Wun
Sabrina Wun teaches Mandarin 1 and 2 here at Las Lomas, and before teaching here she taught elementary school for ten years and was a television reporter. She began teaching in the Acalanes High School District at Campolindo High School not too long ago. Wun enjoys teaching at Las Lomas because she gets to talk with staff and students. “The students [are] very fun and the staff are very energetic,” said Wun. In her free time she likes to read, volunteer, and spend time with her kids.
Katrina Halle
Katrina Halle graduated from UC Berkeley and started her teaching career at Campolindo.  Halle now teaches Physics of the Universe and AP Physics 1. Before teaching at Las Lomas, Halle went to school here at Las Lomas and says, “Once a knight, always a knight! I love being a teacher and helping students learn and grow into young adults who can make a difference. [I love] The feeling of community and the kindness of everyone on campus.” In her free time, Halle likes to bake, travel, and hang out with her corgi, Newton. 
Minu Davé
Minu Davé was a journalist for seven years in New Jersey, and also taught English at Miramonte and Campolindo before teaching English 2 and 4 at Las Lomas. Davé enjoys teaching at Las Lomas because, “Students are open-minded, kind, and [have] a lot more diversity. I’m happy and feel comfortable and safe.” In her free time, she loves to write short stories, go hiking, biking, and go to national and state parks. 
William Stivale
As of this year, William Stivale teaches all of the autoshop courses at Las Lomas.  In his free time, he enjoys landscaping, attending car shows, working on cars, and doing anything else having to do with cars. He moved here last year from New Jersey after teaching college and high school autoshop for 15 years and working at car dealerships for three years. Stivale loves how autoshop teaches students how to handle cars and other mechanics around the house so they can use those skills in their daily lives. So far, Stivale enjoys teaching at Las Lomas because,“The students are very friendly.”
Janet Sikorski
An avid reader, Janet Sikorski enjoys reading as many books as she can. She enjoys teaching here at Las Lomas and said, “Las Lomas is a great school, and this is my hometown community. I am very honoured to work at Las Lomas, the students are very talented and hard-working.” Sikorski teaches English 1 and ELD Grammar/Writing 1. Before teaching, Sikorski worked in San Francisco at a Public Relations firm supporting technology clients, and taught English 3 and English 1 at Northgate. 
Lucas Orozco
Lucas Orozco teaches Algebra 1 and 2 here at Las Lomas and before teaching here, he taught at California  High School. Orozco enjoys teaching at Las Lomas because, “Everyone feels a little more connected than my last school did. There seems to be more spirit here and its nice, even the staff.”  In his free time, he likes to spend time with his new baby, go outdoors, play video games, and spend time with his friends and family. 
Amanda Catanesi
Before teaching at Las Lomas, Amanda Catanesi worked in the restaurant business for years, as an English tutor in Special Education, and for the last two years, at Miramonte. Now she teaches both Algebra A and Algebra 1. Catanesi enjoys teaching at Las Lomas because, “Young people shape the future. If I can support this generation of students in any way, then I can feel proud about my work… I like my students and I like the staff. I feel fortunate to be teaching here.” In her free time, she enjoys hiking, swimming, and spending time with her friends. 
Kristen Sanders
Kristen Sanders just recently got off of maternity leave and aquired a job here at Las Lomas. Before teaching here, Sanders taught English in Costa Rica and Special Education at Berkeley High and Campolindo. Now she teachers 3D Art, Art 1 and Digital Design. Sanders likes teaching at Las Lomas because of the friendliness of the staff and students. In her free time she enjoys hiking, being outdoors, working on her jewlery business, cooking, and spending time with her family.