Magazine Sport Volume 69, Issue 1

Over The Net and into a New Season

School is back in session and sports have already started. One of these sports is girls tennis. The team is going to face a very tough schedule this year, but the team is ready to take charge and put together a productive season. The team will have practices Monday through Thursday, and matches falling mainly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

A new year means new team members, and the tennis team is no exception. The team this year has 12 members on the varsity team, including two new freshmen joining them this year, which, as an anonymous member states, is “good, because there were no new people last year.” To give more insight, Nadia Grenville, a senior who is a member of the Varsity team, said that she is “…really excited about the season and new members… they all bring a new dynamic to the team…” She went on to state that  “two years ago, we lost almost all out seniors.” Last year, there were no new freshmen, and only sophomores and juniors, so it’s “…really great to bring some new blood to the team!”

The team is also looking forward to a fresh season in 2019, as Grenville puts it, “I’m really excited about the upcoming season and the past four years have been some of my best memories at LL.” This year they have great coaches which will really benefit the team. Even though the matches will be tough, she said that “it’s nothing that our girls can’t handle.”

Finally, when asked what was different about this season, Grenville said that, for her, being an upperclassmen and one of the captains, made her realize that, “throughout my four years I’ve always looked up to the older girls on the team and were so inspired by them. I didn’t realize how different it would feel to be a senior and lead the girls on the team.” She says that her co-captains are amazing role-models for the team, and she thinks that this will make a positive impact on the team. Grenville says that she is enthusiastic for the coming season and playing alongside her team. “I’m very excited for this year and want to savor every moment of it!”