Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 1

Renovations Made to LL Campus

Since Las Lomas’ founding in 1951, the campus has seen many changes and expansions.  Due to its age, the campus requires more maintenance and renovations.  Over this past summer, the campus underwent a number of changes that were financed by the Acalanes Union High School District.

“This summer we did a lot of work.  Some of it was really visible and some of it was less visible,”  said Tiffany Benson, Principal of Las Lomas.  “We remodeled two bathrooms…  They’ve totally been repainted, [with] new floors, new side, new ceilings, everything — in the 200 and 300 wing.  We added a new portable classroom for science in the back [blacktops], and we remodeled room 702 which is also a science room.  And then we did a bunch of repair work.  We patched roofs on nearly every single building so that we don’t have any leaks or anything in the rainy season. We made walkways even and flat, so that it was more compliant and safe, and then we did regular maintenance things like fixing blinds in classrooms and fixing windows.”

With the addition of new science classes such as Physics of the Universe, AP Physics 1, and Biotech, there is a higher need for more classrooms and renovations to the science classrooms.  “[With] our science curriculum, we’ve been adding additional classes in the upper levels of science…  And what’s so wonderful is we have more students who are taking these science classes and we needed more space to accommodate the increased demand from other students,”  Benson said.  “We’re hoping to add another standalone science classroom.”

Even after all of the changes made over this past summer, Benson hopes to continue renovating the campus.  “We completed some renovations in the library this last year — so just finishing those.  Maybe you noticed that there’s a new circulation desk so we’re moving the old circulation desk and putting in the new carpeting there in that area…  Going forward, we’re hoping to do an interior remodel of some of the front office space.  But we’re looking down the road now,”  Benson continued.  “If money were no object, I would really like to have specialty classrooms, like for science… so [teachers] can set up their labs and things and be able to use it all day.  Right now, because the teachers share, they have to set things up and take them down.  Also, they have to share the space for displaying student work.  I’d really like to see an expansion of that, like an area to display more student work, visual arts, and things like that.”

The Las Lomas campus can be challenging to maintain as it grows not only in size and age, but in student body as well.  Benson added her appreciation for the work the staff puts into maintaining the campus.  “I really love this campus, I think it’s really beautiful.  I think the grounds crews do a great job.  And I think teachers [are] doing an amazing job making their spaces seem so personal and welcoming and exciting for learning.”