Entertainment Magazine Volume 69, Issue 1

Summer 2019

by Nolan Runkle

In order to reschedule the 2019-2020 school year, the School Board decided to cut two weeks off of summer. A ton of students will say that they had a “mellow summer” or  “didn’t do anything,” but everyone did something, whether it was only a small vacation, or a huge life changing event. 

Sam Lindfors and many other graduated WCI Eighth graders went with WCI Vice Principal Mr. Miller on the traditional New York and Washington DC trip. Nathan Kuhn and Jenna Wendt took a different vacation: traveling to the warm beaches of Hawaii. Nathan also finished playing Uncharted 4 for the PS4. Olivia Gay had a soccer-filled summer and she watched The World Cup in Paris, France.

Junior Ella Hairston and Sophomore Dylan Ozol hung out with horses and enjoyed going horseback riding. Ella says she “entered a competition and  surprisingly got first place in three horseback riding events: Pattern-work, walk/jog, and the trot/canter.” 

Another trend among students was going camping. Senior Helen Finn, went camping with her family “around the Russian River area in Sonoma, California,” meanwhile, a small amount of students went to the Knights Mats Running Camp in Tahoe, sponsored by the Northgate and Las Lomas Cross Country teams. Junior Alex Billesberger also had an exciting vacation, visiting his grandparents in the Bavaria area in Germany.Junior Emmeline Sutliff went on a camping vacation with family to Fort Bragg and Mendocino. Jack Rossi, a Senior, went “White Water Rafting down the American River, but when  [he] was down there, the two tour guides both got hella injured.” One broke their ankle, and Jack as well as others had to bring them out to a point where an ambulance could pick up both tour guides.

Some students didn’t have as eventful summer as others, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t enjoy it. Some students caught up on their sleep, and  had mellow summers playing Xbox, going to library, doing swim team, and making stupid decisions. Multiple students at Las Lomas had an academic summer consisting of SAT preparations and summer school at Las Lomas. Junior Emmeline Sutliff also went to a state leadership conference at UC Davis.

Whether you rode horses or went on some glamorous vacation, most students at Las Lomas can say that they had a satisfying but short summer.