Entertainment Magazine Volume 69, Issue 1

The Key to Your Success

Volunteering is an essential part of growing up. Colleges like to see dedication to helping others and it can help students develop a more empathetic mindset. Volunteering helps build toward a better future, and Key Club is a great place to start. Key Club is an international volunteer service organization that emphasizes four core values: leadership, inclusiveness, care, and character building, each of which Key Club can help grow. It’s a great place to make new friends, because of volunteer work is much more enjoyable when you’re part of a team.

Junior Jade Kessinger, President of Las Lomas’s Key Club, first joined without knowing much about the club, but it didn’t take long for her to become devoted. During her first Division-Wide Service Event, she felt particularly welcomed: “When I got to the event, I was quickly approached by other key clubbers who noticed I was alone, and we got into the rhythm of talking and planting trees while listening to music.”

Key Club International is divided by district and division. “Las Lomas Key Club is part of Division 26 South of the California-Nevada-Hawaii District,” explains Kessinger. Division 26 South includes high schools in the area from Orinda to Livermore. Each month, there’s usually a club-organized community service event or charity fundraiser, along with two Division-Wide Service events (DWS) and one Division Council Meeting (DCM). Division-Wide Service Events are community service events that are held on weekends and great for racking up volunteer hours, because each one can run from two to twelve hours. The majority of DCMs consist of events such as dances, ice skating, division elections, and volunteer work.

There are also some larger-scale division-wide events such as Fall Rally North (FRN), which takes place at Six Flags. During FRN, different divisions compete in spirit battles — charity auctions followed by spirit chants — for the spirit stick. To display maximum spirit, everyone dresses up,  wearing face paint, tutus, division shirts, and bringing spirit sticks from past events. Once the spirit battles are over, club members can go on rides until midnight and mingle with the other high schoolers in the district.

Key Club meets in Room 209 every other Friday at lunch. The club will be held on September 20th and October 4th, but not on September 27th. Students are free to drop by and attend a meeting if they’re interested in joining. If students wish to start later on in the year, they can join in March because that’s when the term officially starts. Don’t miss out on a chance to become a part of this wonderful community.