Entertainment Magazine Volume 69, Issue 1

Ways to Eat Healthy This School Year

by Adrian Watkins

School is back in session, and everyone’s energy levels are beginning to dip as the days get longer and students eat unhealthy, unbalanced meals. Students need to eat healthy and fulfilling snacks to stay energized. Usually when we think of students bringing snacks to school, chips, candy, and soda comes to mind. Despite their great taste, none of these foods help rejuvenate energy levels or strengthen the brain. 

Nutrition plays a huge role in how students’ brains operate. Lots of students bring coffee and soda, bags of candy, hot cheetos or other chips, and then they complain about how tired they are and how they can’t focus in class. It’s comical to watch such irony play out. Most students don’t know the importance of what they eat throughout the day, especially for a successful learning experience.

Snacks students should be eating throughout the school week are moderate portions of fruits, nuts or granola, dairy products, and vegetables. Sandwiches with whole wheat bread, salads, and pastas with vegetables are great lunch options. Other foods that fulfill the main food groups, such as proteins, grains, fruits, or healthy fats are a good thing to add to a meal. To stay hydrated, bring a refillable water bottle and utilize the hydration stations on campus. Staying hydrated is essential to life, especially during school hours, to keep your brain awake and energized. 

A common misconception about eating healthy is that the snacks will taste bad and feel less fulfilling, but neither of those assumptions are true. Eating healthy doesn’t mean cutting out your favorite flavors. Combinations such as yogurt with berries or granola, fruit salads, oatmeal with fruits and chocolate chips, celery sticks with a spread, the list goes on. Healthy snacks can be enjoyable and non-sacrificial, you just have to find flavors that please you. 

One major excuse people have is that eating healthy is more expensive. People complain about how they don’t have the time or money to invest in a healthy lifestyle, but what they aren’t aware of is that there are plenty of healthy foods out there that are also affordable. Stores like Walmart and Target sell fairly cheap foods that are delicious and healthy through their brands. Costco also sells reasonably priced foods, because their products come in very big portions. Look into your own personal health needs, and have an easier school life.