Features Magazine Volume 69, Issue 2

A Little Late with Lilly Singh

“Fighting for happiness is the hardest thing you’ll ever fight for, but its the only thing worth fighting for,” said Lilly Singh. From Youtube to late night television, Singh is making history as the first bisexual woman of color to have her own talk show. During a family vacation Lilly Singh questioned for the first time what made her happy, and the answer altered her life forever. Once Singh realized her passion was to entertain, she hit the ground running. 

   Beginning in 2010, her videos were mainly funny hypothetical situations or relatable skits involving parents, friends, and everyday life drama. Three years passed until she hit one million subscribers, and in the past six years, she has reached over 14 million subscribers. Singh amassed millions of followers when she came out in February of 2019 as bisexual. Her diversity made her even more relatable and universal to girls. Her Punjab heritage also plays a big role in her career and eventually even increased her appeal. Nine years after a Youtube kickoff that came to her on a whim, Lilly Singh is now the first LGBTQ+ women of color to have a late night talk show, along with the first woman to be internet-bred. 

   Singh’s fame grew rapidly as she became widely known across the U.S. In 2017, when Singh reached around 10 million followers, she was awarded with Goodreads Choice Awards Best Nonfiction with her first published book How to Be a Bawse. Also in 2017, Singh was named People’s Choice Award for Favorite Youtube Star. Now, she has earned a name for herself as not only a youtuber and author, but a talk show host. A Little Late with Lilly Singh  is like many others, because of Singh’s Youtube experience, her specialty is celebrity interviews.  

   Although reviews have been steady Singh has struggled to put her personal spin on stories and make them unique. As she adjusts from Youtube super star, into the TV scene, Singh is learning along the way what it means to be a TV star. “Everyone finds their voice at different times in their life” is one of Singh’s most famous quotes, especially in this time of her own life where she has most clearly found her voice. As the most diverse show host we’ve had, Singh is paving the future for women to follow after her. Her accomplishments mark a big point in history that represents inclusivity and diversity. She used her fame for good as a Youtuber. It is her goal to make videos for other Punjab or bisexual girls to find and see someone else who looked like them, and they could relate to.  

“So if you’re drowning, keep your life jacket on and fight. But once you’re able to swim, don’t convince yourself you forgot how to. Take your life jacket off, front-crawl your way to the shore, walk off that beach, and set your GPS to the top of a hill, because you WILL conquer the climb.”