Magazine Sport Volume 69, Issue 2

Andrew Lacour Commits to UC Davis

by Cael Hill

Andrew Lacour, senior at Las Lomas who is well known in the baseball community, has recently committed to UC Davis. He plays pitcher, one of the most important positions in baseball. The process of selecting a school to go to is long and repetitive, “I started my recruiting process around the start of last summer. I first sent out emails to schools, with the help of my Dad, I had interest in playing at. To those who responded I sent short video clips of my pitching.”

 Lacour stumbled upon the sport seven years ago when he walked passed some WCI attendees trying out for baseball on the field, his dad asking him if he wanted to try it out, his response being “sure why not.” Though it started with a simple question it turned into a passion for Lacour, “I’ve never had any thought about quitting baseball.There were times where I wondered if I was good enough to play at the next level, but I transferred that energy into getting better,” Hard work pays off for Andrew that looks like studying and practicing his pitching, looking at mechanics of other pitchers and learning from them. Outside of that he’s on the field or in the weight room training both his strength and endurance to prepare for his next season. Many people have parents for inspiration, including lacour, but he also looks up to Shohei Ohtani a professional baseball player who plays for the las angeles angels. Both he and “Sho time” are pitchers with a passion for baseball. “Reading how he trains and his work ethic inspire me to be as good as him.” If you want to be like Andrew you have to have dedication and must be willing to put in as much effort as possible.

UC Davis is a D1 school with an amazing academic system, something else that caught Lacour’s eye was the campus itself “I also really liked how there is a large biking community which reminded me of Japan. In addition this idea of being in a college town was very exciting.” It might be a “UC” but this wasn’t Andrews first choice he was also hoping to get offers from Cal and UCSB, also two great schools, in his head those are the schools that would get him to where he wants to be. “My next goal is to get drafted and play in the MLB. Personally I would like to play for the A’s or the Astros.” Shooting for the stars Lacour is working hard to get to where he needs to be, it seems professional baseball is his calling.