Magazine Sport Volume 69, Issue 2

Cross Country Season Winding Down

by Josh Morgan

Six days a week, Monday through Saturday, if you walk up the stairs and into George DeKlotz Stadium, it is likely you will find a large group of students that make up the Las Lomas Cross Country team going through their daily practice routine. They warm up with dynamic stretching, and then they run. 

From practicing so often, this team has built an overall team attitude that they can surely be proud of. “The team is definitely like a big family, so it is super nice to go up there everyday and take a break from school and be with people I wanna be with,” says junior captain Megan Sechler. 

“The year is going really well, our team has really built a cohesive attitude and I feel like we are all getting along really well,” added senior captain Siddharth Sandhu.

This team, just like any other, has to deal with the year-to-year turnaround caused by the graduating seniors from the previous year. “It was a really big loss losing a bunch of seniors last year,” says Sandhu. “We were a really tight team, but I think this year we are gonna surprise a lot of people. This is the first year that we are looking from the outside in so hopefully we can sneak our way in.”

Fellow senior captain Jack Daley is a bit more optimistic. “I’d say there’s a good chance we make it to NCS because there’s like 30 teams in our division at NCS,” says senior captain Jack Daley. “There’s a DAL championship… and I think the top four or five teams from that make NCS.”

The team is already preparing for next year’s wave of losses, but it sounds like they are more prepared than ever. “It’s definitely gonna be different because a lot of our varsity squad is made of seniors so slowly we [are having] more and more underclassmen so next year I think the majority of our squad will be underclassmen,” says Sechler. 

Daley agrees with Sechler. “We’ve got some good underclassmen this year that are getting faster so hopefully they can carry on the team next year,” Daley said. 

That doesn’t mean it won’t be sad for the seniors that are leaving. “It’s gonna be really tough. I’ve built a lot of friendships over the course of four years and got really close with coaches so it will definitely be tough leaving,” says Sandhu. “I am just now going to Clovis for the last time this weekend and it’s just kinda rough knowing I’m never gonna do that again,” added Daley.

Even with tough goodbyes awaiting them at the end of this season, this team will continue to practice, six days a week, hoping that they are able to add some extra memories to what has sure been a fun run.