by Nolan Runkle

When most people hear of a DIY, they think of some crazy and complicated design and forget the project at just the thought of all that work. Except, a DIY doesn’t have to be complicated or messy, they can actually be quite simple! This Halloween, do you want to be remembered for the costume you bought on Amazon, or the snazzy masterpiece you made yourself? DIY costumes are a great way to add some of your personality into what you’ll wear this Halloween. Plus, these costumes are simple and easy to make, to spare you the messy, complicated ideas you see on Pinterest. With a small budget, these DIY Halloween costumes will scare everyone away, or get you some sweet treats.

Some types of costumes you can make yourself are through mimicking different jobs. Do you have a job somewhere? Wear your uniform, and then pose as an employee for whatever occupation you hold. You can also borrow someone’s staff shirt and be a camp counselor, lifeguard, or a barista. 

If you want to pull of some famous figures, that’s easy too. You can dress up as George Washington by taking some toilet paper rolls, and making some luscious white curls on a cotton ball wig. Put on a blue sweater for a presidential finish. 

There’s also the traditional Halloween costumes. The creatures that everyone thinks of when they hear the word “Halloween” and I’m not talking about the classic “bed sheet with holes in it to be a ghost.” You can wear all black clothes and be a rave skeleton by attaching glow sticks to your limbs and printing out a mask. For a labor-intensive costume with a lot of scare, you can get a board of plywood and cut a hole in the center. Then attach some legs to it, get a scary mask, and become a decapitated head. If you have some face paint, you can easily become a multitude of things, such as a witch or a zombie.

Now for the more complicated costumes. These have the potential to be showstopping costumea, and they’re normally harder to do yourself. If you’re skilled with painting, try getting a cardboard box and making a mask of anything you want- It can be a chicken or a murderer mask, whatever you want to be for Halloween. You can surround some cardboard tubes with paper mache and color it with white and pink, and pair it with some glittery clothes to become a Unicorn.

If you have some friends to pull off a group costume, there’s some easy, affordable, and cute costumes for you. Getting some blue, red, green, and orange shirts with the M&M’s logo pasted on it can be a nice and clever group project. 

All of these projects can be pulled off with ease, and the best part is the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get when you pull of your very own personalized Halloween costume.