Entertainment Magazine Volume 69, Issue 2

It’s Just A Game, Right?

Halloween is filled with fun activities such as dressing up, trick or treating, telling scary stories, and sometimes playing a round of the popular board game, Ouija. This eerie board game has been around since 1891 and is said to allow you to summon and to communicate with spirits. First, place your hands on a triangle called a planchette and then ask the spirits a question. If a spirit is present, it will respond by moving your hands around to different letters to spell out words and communicate. Science explains how this board works, and no, it is not because there are actually demons in your room. The idioma effect says that your body can make unconscious decisions to create involuntary physical movements. This explains why even when you think your hands aren’t moving the planchette, you’re subconsciously choosing where to push it on the board. Although there are scientific facts that prove Ouija boards don’t actually summon spirits, many Las Lomas students who played the game say it feels a little too real. 

One haunting night at 3 AM, Allie Pilcher, a junior at Las Lomas, decided to play Ouija board with a friend. With all the lights out except for a fully charged flashlight, Allie asked the board if a spirit was there. She and her friend watched in horror as it spelled out “Zozo,” an evil demon who supposedly causes terrible things to occur in people’s lives. As Allie recalled, “… our flashlight, that we had just charged, went out. We freaked out and said goodbye immediately. Then we called a church in Hawaii and asked them to say a prayer for us.” 

This experience is just one of the many frightening occurrences Las Lomas students experienced using the Ouija board. Ryan Monasch, a junior at Las Lomas, also tried the popular board game. One time while playing with her friends, Ryan asked, “What is your name spirit?” and it spelled out “Veronica.” She then asked, “Why are you here?” and the spirit said that it has been there since the house was built and lives in the chair in the corner of Ryan’s room. As Ryan stated, “ After that, everytime I walked into my room it was really cold. Later on we donated the chair… as soon as we donated the chair my room was normal again, the temperature was fine.”

Despite what science says about the Ouija board, there is no explanation for the creepy things Las Lomas students have experienced playing the game. Will you be spooked this Halloween by the Ouija board?