Features Magazine Volume 69, Issue 2

New Clubs @ Las Lomas

Las Lomas’ new clubs on campus make it easy for students to join and feel accepted. The Fashion Club led by Seniors Josh James and Kaitlyn Sutherland meets every Tuesday in room 305 during lunch. The club was made to educate students about sustainable fashion. Because there is not a lot of local information about sustainable fashion, they teach members how to create sustainably unique pieces and guide them to the best local thrift shops. The club will host two fashion shows during this year, one at the end of each semester. James said that members will not need to follow any fashion trends: “Each person is unique and I believe the best way to express your creativity is through something a person could wear.”

The Red Cross Club was started by Juniors Laura Huntley and Yeji Kim who both have an interest in pursuing a career in medicine. They started the club to join  Red Cross’ mission which is “to protect life and health and to ensure respect for the human being.” Huntley said that the club’s main goal in fundraising “is to raise enough money to allow them to vaccinate an entire village in a developing country.” The club will raise money with the help from local businesses and hopes to host a blood drive at Las Lomas. Every other Friday in room 715, members discuss and prepare for the upcoming fundraisers. 

The Poetry Club was created with a set goal for the year to develop and expand student member’s “knowledge of poetry, both contemporary and classical” said Senior Taylor Glass. Glass and two other leaders intend to bring forward a poetry theme every month for the club. The club, which meets Thursdays at lunch in room 712, allows students a safe place to practice self-expression through poetry, where they will be able to share published or original poems to “unpack and learn from… life lessons.” Glass believes, “that anybody can create poetry, and be a poet in their own way.”

Juniors, Melanie Quan and Steffie Wong wanted to start the Crafts for Cause Club to give back to the community. The two leaders manage an Etsy account for selling crafts to raise money for local children’s hospitals and senior living centers. They set goals for the next meeting and distribute the necessary supplies. During the meetings held on the first and third Mondays of each month at lunch in room 302, Quan and Wong collect then sell crafts, including homemade bracelets that students have worked on since the last meeting. In their search for an idea for their club, Quan says they, “noticed the untapped talent of many artists on the LL campus, who do not have an outlet for their creativity” and wanted to create a club “where community-minded creators can brighten the day of others!”  

Each club prioritizes getting students together in a welcoming environment to collaborate and achieve their goals. All students are welcome to join the new clubs on campus!