Entertainment Magazine Volume 69, Issue 2

Taller-Than-Average Girl Living in a Short World

by Katelyn To

By reading the title, Tall Girl is probably exactly what you’d expect. This movie is a Netflix original , a romantic comedy about a girl who is taller than most girls. It might sound boring and cliche to some people, but that opinion depends on your movie preferences. If you’re inclined toward other Netflix movies like The Kissing Booth, this might be for you.

Jodi is a high school student who struggles with her height. From the way the movie portrays her life, you’d expect her to be abnormally tall. It turns out she’s only six-one, which isn’t exactly tall enough for multiple people to realistically ask “How’s the weather up there?” every single day, as it’s shown in the movie. Although, the point of the movie is to entertain the viewers, not inform them. In my opinion, the movie did a mediocre job.

The beginning of the movie gets straight to the point, emphasizing just how tall Jodi is. In the very first scene at the library, one guy is about to ask her on a date, but is immediately scared away by her height. Her knees somehow almost touch the table. Maybe her school just has unusually short furniture?

Jodi also points out her height by saying, “You think your life is hard? I’m a High School Junior wearing size 13 Nikes. Men’s size 13 Nikes. Beat that.” It seems like she should be joking, but her tone says otherwise. She acts as though she is oppressed by her height somehow when she’s actually quite privileged. Many people on social media have been humorously mocking this quote by following it with their own real or made-up problems. For example, one TikTok user said “I’m paralyzed,” after showing this clip from the movie. The popularity of this meme has encouraged many, including me, to watch this movie, mostly out of curiosity and irony.

Throughout the rest of the movie, Jodi’s height isn’t as huge of a factor as you’d expect. Here and there viewers are reminded of her height through camera angles that obviously try to accentuate her stature, but the movie is still as cliche and predictable as most other rom-coms. The movie even features a love triangle among Jodi, her best friend Dunkleman, and Stig, a foreign-exchange student who dates Jodi’s enemy. (Yes, their names are questionable.) However cliche it may be, Tall Girl did not fail to make me laugh. Not because of top-notch jokes or an unexpected plot twist, but the exact opposite. The mere predicticality of every aspect of this movie, including the bad jokes and unrealistic dialogue, is what humored me and convinced me to keep watching.