Entertainment Magazine Volume 69, Issue 2

What’s New? iPhone 11

In 2007, Apple released their first iPhone. This device would go on to change the landscape of portable personal computing forever. Last month, Apple released the eleventh iteration of their now iconic device, and only made some gradual improvements. 

The older brother of the iPhone 11, the iPhone XR, is now nearly obsolete. Apple’s new device bridges the gap between midrange and flagship(the latest and most improved version of a smartphone), giving the 11 a clear advantage in nearly every criteria of critique. The iPhone 11’s camera quality is absolutely insane, using a new dual camera system.There are now two camera lenses (12mp wide and 12mp ultrawide) on the exterior of the phone, so it captures four times the amount of previous iPhone cameras.  Not only that, but the iPhone 11 has a new fast charge capability, and gives the phone a battery life that lasts all day. Now you can go a whole day without worrying about having to charge your phone. This charging ability only works if you buy a 18W adapter, which is sold separately. Apple also installed an all-pro chip into the iPhone, the fastest chip ever to be inserted in a cell phone. The A13 Bionic (the new chip) shoots 4k videos at 60fps(frames per second) with extended range, but it’s also able to produce 120fps. The iPhone XR has face identification, but the iPhone 11 doesn’t keep or share your face ID photo, which gives you some privacy. 

The audio system has also been improved. The iPhone 11 has surround sound, so if you watch any videos or play music, it’s louder than any other phone. The phone also allows you to use two separate pairs of airpods or beats headphones to one phone, so you and a friend can both listen to music from your phone without sharing headphones. The phone has a new and improved Wi-Fi 6, which allows downloads to be 38 percent faster than previous phones. If you like to have separate phones for business and social life, the iPhone 11 has a dual sim called the eSim, which gives you the opportunity to have two separate phone numbers on one phone. One great feature of the new iPhone is that it is water-proof to a depth of two meters for up to thirty minutes. If you spill something on your phone, or you drop it in a pool, no worries. 

The amount of storage that the 11 holds is unbelievable; it can save up to 256 GB of storage. That includes apps, videos, music, and everything else you’ll ever need.