Magazine Opinions Volume 69, Issue 2

Don’t Be a Fossil Fool

The world is moving steadily toward a climate catastrophe. Human caused climate change is real, and it needs to be discussed. Earth’s climate is now changing at a faster rate than ever recorded in modern civilization, primarily as a result of human activities. Something so detrimental to our environment should not by any means be brushed aside or saved for a later discussion. We see glaciers shrinking, sea levels rising, and unusual weather patterns. We see human migration levels rising in Africa and Latin America, sending climate refugees to Europe and the United States. Scientists have seen these changes occurring for years, and it’s about time we take action. 

Doubting the scientific evidence proving that by burning fossil fuels for energy, humans are changing nature itself, is no longer an option. We are interrupting the delicate balance that our planet has to keep us alive and are putting our own survival at risk. Yes, the climate does naturally change without human impact, but what many refuse to believe is that we are rapidly accelerating the process. We know that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. We know that humans are burning fossil fuels, releasing huge amounts of carbon pollution and trapping more and more heat in the atmosphere. This proves that humans affect the rate at which we see our climate changing today.

Today, we are at an important turning point. Climate change is no longer considered a theory, an abstract threat lurking in the future, it is upon us. If Americans are ready and willing to engage in a war against climate change, we can prevent this problem from turning into a disaster. We must fight these battles with urgency. We must act. 

There are many ways that we can begin combating climate change. The Global Climate Strikes occurring all over the world are a great place to start. Spreading awareness and making our voices heard is extremely important. Tens of thousands of people ranging from infants to senior citizens gathered in San Francisco as part of the Global Climate Strike just weeks ago. 

The march wound past House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office, The Black Rock Building, Bank of America, Amazon Go, and PG&E before ending up at Justin Herman Plaza. Many Las Lomas students gave up hours of their own education to make their voices heard. We can’t make the decisions for big oil companies or the government, but we can push for climate justice. During the dramatic march in San Francisco, students and other concerned citizens chanted: “Tell me what democracy looks like. This is what democracy looks like.” This certainly is what democracy looks like.