Magazine Opinions Volume 69, Issue 2

R.I.P Pop

Today new music is all about hip-hop and rap artists such as, YNW Melly, Young Thug, DaBaby and NLE Choppa. Pop artists with once amazing hits seem to be running out of ideas. Now many pop songs are repetitive with their music. The artists seemed to have had a purpose in writing the lyrics they did and they had a soul in their voice when singing, but now each song you hear sounds the same, with such similar beats, lyrics, melodies and meanings. If every song sounds the same, then how is the pop genre ever going to continue to succeed? Today’s pop is now just songs about how much they miss their ex or vise versa. Along with fame and money, most songs incorporate inappropriate language or actions in the messages of their songs.

 The closest thing we see now to pop is large artists, like Billie Eilish, whos genres are indie-pop. They make very simplistic, soothing songs for the most part. We can always look forward to listening to throwbacks like Britney Spears, but today rap and hip-hop is slowly taking over our playlists. Obviously some people are still going to get hooked on a new Taylor Swift song or Ariana Grande album, but these artists no longer take over the music industry the way they once had. Pop music is basically now made up of computerized sounds and auto tuned voices, with lyrics we have been hearing in pop songs for years now. Some artists still have good taste and don’t make their songs just EDM with weird lyrics to match an extremely colorful, confusing music video. Slowly but surely the whole pop genre will most likely just completely lose its hold on people, just like other genres in the past. Rap music seems to be thriving, almost anywhere you can ask someone what they listen to, and they will say rap. Today’s rap may be a sort of gibberish rap, but it has energy in its lyrics and beat that keep people bobbing their heads with it. Although pop music is no longer a big hit, you can always listen to the good old pop hits and remember the good times when artists once made original touching lyrics that came from their hearts.