Entertainment Magazine Volume 69, Issue 2

Trick or Treat, Yourself!

by Alyssa Clouston

There is no better way to get into the Halloween and Fall spirit than to make some simple, spooky crafts. Crafts are exciting and fun to do for any age, especially during the holidays. They are also a fun way to decorate your room, house or office.

One fun Halloween craft to make is a lollipop ghost. In order to make this craft, you’ll need two to three dryer sheets, a lollipop, one rubber band, a ribbon, and a sharpie. Once you have all your supplies, lay them out and get to work. First, you’ll want to take your dryer sheets and cut them in half, then cover the lollipop with the dryer sheets.,To secure them, wrap the rubberband around the lollipop. Lastly, tie a ribbon around the ghost’s neck, and draw its face. Enjoy your newly made ghost.

An equally engaging craft to help decorate for the spooky season is a witch hat ornament. You are going to need to get a cardboard cutout of a hat, paint of any color and some ribbon. Make sure you lay newspaper down to paint over to avoid making a mess. Take the hat cutout and place it on the paper and paint the scariest design you can think of. After letting it dry, finish it off by tying a ribbon to the top, and hang it in the area of your choosing. 

To really embrace the Halloween spirit, make a candy filled pumpkin. You need white and orange tissue paper, candy of your choosing, rubber string, and brown paint. Take the white tissue paper and cut it in half, then put some candy inside the paper and wrap it into a ball. Once it’s bound up tight, take the orange paper and wrap it around the white paper, tie the string around it very tight. When it’s tied, dip the tip of the pumpkin into the brown paint and let it dry, creating the stem of the pumpkin. As soon as it is dry, cut open the pumpkin and enjoy your candy.

Crafts are an amazing way to have fun, get in the Halloween spirit, and decorate your home. If you’re ever in need of a cute, easy Halloween craft, you can always use the lollipop ghost, the witch hat ornament, or the adorable candy pumpkins.



Dryer Sheets

Lollipops (of your choice)

Rubber Bands


A Sharpie


Cardboard Cutout of a Hat

Acrylic Paint



White Tissue Paper

Orange Glitter Tissue Paper

Candy (of your choice)


Brown Acrylic Paint