Magazine Opinions Volume 69, Issue 3

Are Las Lomas Counselors Accessible?

Our school has many hard working students, and with these students comes a very busy school year for our administrative counselors. With 1,600 students here at Las Lomas our five counselors have to be helping several students at a time. Each counselor has a group of our students based on their  last names. They have to work with all of our students onthings such as schedule changes and senior projects; Our counselors work hard to get all students into their offices whenever they can find the time, but it is hard to manage all our students. 

The question of whether our administration counselors are accessible or not is tricky because they will get you into their office to talk to you about whatever your situation is, but it may take some time to get an appointment. You are not able to just walk in and try to talk to them about your academic needs; You have to go in and sign up so they can talk to you. they try their best to give you an appointment within three days so you can work out your situation. If it is urgent, they try their best to work out what is going on as soon as possible. Some students struggle to get an appointment with their counselors, they may sign up, email them, and want to talk to them as soon as possible, but it is hard for the counselors to manage each student because they have so many students to deal with

For issues such as schedule changes, it sees like they worked to get you to where you want to be as soon as possible, but this year, they were not exactly on top of it. They have a bunch of students, that want schedule changes waiting to find a slip with their name on it, so they try to work their hardest to satisfy each and every student, but can not do everything they wish they could.  They try their best to be accessible for everyone at Las Lomas, but it is hard to because of how many things they hold responsible for. Our counselors have to reach out to the 400 students from each grade about their academic choices,which causes a lot of work for them, but they want to look back at their past students and say that they helped them get to where they are now.