Doing the Knight Thing

Ally Hoogs
“Ally is the sweetest student!  She is such a hard worker and is always asking questions.  She is incredibly prepared and diligent about doing her best every day!”
Moxie Marsh
“Moxie has been a true example of persistence and dedication in math this year…she not only works towards mastering the material herself, but supports others to reach their goals.”
Mimi Canter
“Mimi Canter is an intellectually curious student whose enthusiasm is highly infectious.”
Brandon Flynn
“Brandon is an incredibly mature and thoughtful student who…frequently volunteers to participate in my class, and even helps other students.”
Jessica Khaw
“Jessica Khaw is kind and gentle soul who spreads goodwill wherever she goes.”
Sydney Jacinto
“Sydney comes to class [with a] positive attitude [and] lifts the spirits of others in our classroom and makes the class period much more fun!”
Lisa Kagan
“Lisa has the best attitude towards learning and taking on challenges. She deserves all of the success she is having in my class.”