Magazine Sport Volume 69, Issue 3

Hungry For Victory: Boys Basketball

by Cam Lippincott

As tryouts come to an end, the boys basketball team begins to put all their efforts and focus into starting off the season strong. This year’s team will have many players who have a much bigger role on the team this year. “I have just been getting in the gym every day and working on my weaknesses. Watching film from last season and seeing the things that I did well and also the things that I need to improve on,” said Senior forward Casey Cappo when asked how he is preparing for his bigger role this season. 

The last season was described as an “up and down” season by Cappo because, “We lost all five starters from the previous team that won the Norcal Championship so everyone had to step into a bigger role. Since the football team went deep into the playoffs and four of our five starters played football, we didn’t really find our stride until the playoffs. We finished sixth in league which was far worse than we had anticipated, but we made a deep run into the playoffs. Playing in arguably the toughest league in Northern California, and playing a tough non-conference schedule, we were prepared for the tough competition that we faced in the playoffs which led us to upset two good teams and we were a few possessions away from playing in the NCS championship.” The team will have to wait until the football season ends to be at full strength this season as they have four football players on the roster this year (Jabre Bevineau, Zach Patterson, Marco Balestrieri, and Elijah Lash) and since the football team is very good this year, they might not reach full strength until mid-December.

I had the chance to interview senior team captain Nikolas Kieffer, and ask him the same questions that I asked Casey. When asked how he felt about last season’s turnout, this is what Kieffer had to say: “Last season didn’t go too well. We made it to state playoffs, but obviously we lost in the first round which was heartbreaking.” I asked Nikolas about his preparation in having a more important role on the team this season. “This summer we had some tough competition, like Campo and De La Salle. Those games were really battle tested and close, and it felt terrible to lose those games when we were so close to winning. Also I took a lot of time during the summer and fall to improve my game and really get in shape.” Lastly, Kieffer expressed to me his expectations and goals for this upcoming season. “I want to go all the way to state this year, and I actually believe we will make it to state, we have a strong group of guys who are hungry for success. We have all made major improvements since last season, and we are still improving as time goes on”. 

“Our first game will be pretty important for us because we are playing against a top 25 team in Norcal. We probably won’t have our whole team because of [the] football playoffs, but it will be a good test early in the season and we will see how good we are compared to a very good team,” said Cappo. After winning league two years row and not winning last year, the team looks to reclaim the league title this season.