Features Magazine Volume 69, Issue 3

Music Students Lookin’ Sharp

Las Lomas students, Drishti Patel and Andrew Kim have gotten accepted into high level band performances. Junior Drishti Patel has played the flute for eight years and recently qualified for the Carnegie Hall Orchestra. She has played for Las Lomas since freshman year and was recently nominated by her private flute instructors to audition for the Carnegie Hall Orchestra. She appreciates the flute because it’s “very expressive and emotional.” During her early years of playing music, she said, “I had heard of Carnegie Hall but I didn’t really know exactly what it was. All I knew was that it was this prestigious thing that only a select few got into,” and until her flute instructor suggested she audition, she never considered it as a realistic possibility for her. Patel has always been passionate about music and she hopes it will always be in her life. She loves how music can help her escape from daily life. She said she is excited for the experience the the orchestra has to offer, and to work “under the instruction of some amazing musicians.” She said, “I think I’ll definitely grow and improve as a musician from it.” The program’s goal is to “nurtures performance skills and inspires artistic excellence in future generations of musical talent.” Patel, among other students in the country, will perform at Carnegie Hall in New York in February. After one to two days of rehersal, the Patel will partake in an amazing performance. 

Before Patel performs at Carnegie Hall, Senior Andrew Kim will be performing with the Coda, or California Orchestra Directors Association, Honor Band in December at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He grew to love the violin and was suggested by Mrs. Revina, his band instructor and the Director of Instrumental Music, to audition for the Coda Honor Band last year. He got accepted about a month ago to join the band once more to perform. Similar to Patel, Kim sent in excerpts of himself playing his violin. He has played the violin for eleven years after his mother initiated his music lessons. He currently plays the violin for the Las Lomas Orchestra and hopes to carry on his passion for music into college by minoring in music. From all over California, students will come to together and perform their music. Kim said, “[The] Coda Honor Orchestra is a group of passionate musicians who play at a very high level which makes you appreciate people’s talent.” Kim hopes his passion for playing his violin will never die. The Coda Honor Band “promote[s] school orchestras in California by providing quality honor orchestra experiences for school orchestra students.” Hopefully, Patel’s and Kim’s experience with music will only grow.