Entertainment Magazine Volume 69, Issue 3

Thanksgiving Crafts

Artificial mini pumpkin(s)
Spray paint
Gold glitter
Liquid glue
Paper cards

Pumpkin Place Cards:

On a small paper strip, write the names of those attending the Thanksgiving dinner.

Create a slit in the stem of your mini pumpkin and slide the paper in. 

Using glue and gold glitter, create a pattern around the exterior of your mini pumpkin. For the polka-dotted pattern, place small glue dots around the pumpkin and sprinkle with fine glitter. For the double-dipped pattern, apply spray paint to the pumpkin, then brush the bottom half with liquid glue and gently press into a bowl of glitter.

Brown Felt (1 sheet should make 4 napkin rings)
Ribbon of different colors and sizes (about 4 inches long each)
One small piece of red rick rack
Googly Eyes
Hot glue gun and glue

Turkey Napkin Rings:

Cut your napkin ring pieces, creating four 5 x 2 inch strips and four 1 x 2 inch strips. 

Draw a line of glue along the two short ends of the the small piece and stick to the middle of the long piece. 

Draw a line of glue along one of the short ends to the long piece and attach it= to the other end to form a ring. Make sure that the small piece is on the outside of the ring. This is how the turkey clip is attached. 

Cut out a turkey body piece and a second round piece that is slightly smaller than the bottom circle of the turkey. 

Fold your ribbons in half with the right sides out and glue the ends to form the feathers. 

Draw a half circle of glue on the back (round) piece of felt and attach the “feathers.”

Add glue to one side of the front felt piece and place over the ribbons, creating the body.

Run piece of rick rack over a flame to seal the edges and then glue on the eyes and rick rack, adding a gobble and eyes to the turkey.

Apply hot glue to the top of the felt ring, and attach the turkey body to the napkin ring.