Features Magazine Volume 69, Issue 3

The School Play Falls Into Place

Fall is finally here and with it comes many exciting events for most students. One event students should always expect is the  all play, and this year is no different. This fall, the Las Lomas drama department will be performing Brighton Beach Memoirs, based on the play by Neil Simmons. It follows the journey of Eugene Morris Jerome, a young teenager living with his family in Brooklyn as he ascends into adulthood. The play also sees the rest of the Jerome family trying to survive at the beginning of World War II as a Jewish family. The play’s opening night was the 14th, but don’t worry. There will be one more showing tonight (November 22nd). The Page interviewed one of the play’s actors Charlie Sjogren-Black, who will be playing the part of Nora. This is her first time taking part in a Las Lomas drama production, and she is extremely excited for the upcoming performance: “I’ve never been in a Las Lomas show before, so I’m a little nervous…” but she still feels ready to perform. When asked for more information about the plot, she stated that “Brighton Beach Memoirs talks about the lengths that family members will go to for each other [and] .the love that comes with family.” Finally, Sjogren-Black’s closing words were, “The whole process of making this has been unforgettable… It’s really something special and it means a lot to all of us.”

The play will include Las Lomas students Charlie Sjogren-Black, Nolan Knudsen, Jason Rich, Taylor Glass, Riley Pellman, and Mariella Floum.  The play will also see Josh Roseman as the star in his first Las Lomas production. Be sure to catch Brighton Beach Memoirs before it is gone, it’s currently playing at the Las Lomas theatre. Tickets are $8 for students and seniors, and $15 for others.