2020-2021 Staff

A senior at Las Lomas High School, Grace Gonsalves has been on The Page Staff since her sophomore year when she started out as features editor, a position she enjoyed until taking over as Editor-in-Chief in the spring of 2020. She has loved growing her vision for this publication and bringing it to life, thanks to the ever-evolving journalism squad. Outside of Las Lomas, Grace is often out exploring, even in the time of COVID-19, camping, hiking, and seeking out as many new experiences as she can.

Susan Rahimi is a senior at Las Lomas. She began writing for The Page as a timid sophomore before she was asked to be an Editor-in Chief for her final year at Las Lomas. She is very grateful journalism has given her an opportunity to step out of hiding and lead with confidence. Beyond Las Lomas, you can find her watching inspirational TedTalks, browsing through Architectural Digest magazines, and reading Harry Potteragain.

Entering into his fourth year working for the Las Lomas Page, Lukas Carbone, class of 2021, is the current Online Editor-in-Chief and the Magazine News Editor of the Las Lomas Page. He is interested in Journalism because of his interest in politics and writing. In addition to working for the Page, he is on the campaign staff of Michael Samson for Walnut Creek City Council.

Ella Neve is the Features Editor  for The Page. She is also the social media manager and handles the instagram account The Page has. This is her third year on the staff and she is planning on continuing her passion for journalism in college. 

Caroline Johnston is in her third year on The Page staff, and is in the class of 2021. She is the entertainment section editor, and a staff layout designer, as well as a staff writer. In her free time, she likes to play Wii golf, go thrifting, eat soft serve ice cream, and watch Wheel of Fortune. Caroline likes working for The Page because it is very rewarding.

Kate Beeby is a Senior in her third year on The Page staff. She is the opco section editor in addition to being a staff writer. In her free time, she likes to play board games, improve her golf game, watch Fixer Upper, and eat soft serve ice cream. She specializes in the opinion section because she believes that expressing different views on current topics is important.

Charlie Pentland is going into his first year on The Page staff as a Sophomore in the class of 2023. He is also a Page staff writer and the Pages Sports editor. Charlie thinks the page is the perfect way for Las Lomas students to get accurate and important news. While he isn’t editing articles, he enjoys ping pong, Baseball, and spending time with his friends. 

Kate Rider is currently a sophomore at Las Lomas and is a staff writer, fact checker, and layout designer. It is her second year on the staff and is usually found writing news and opinion articles and occasionally combines her love of writing with her love of baking when publishing recipes in the magazine.

Jane Wilson is a junior at Las Lomas High School. She has been working for The Page for the past two years, and this is Jane’s first year as the Creative Director and Head of Photography. She works with different mediums ranging from portraits, to sports, and to film.

Yiying Zhang is the equipment manager of the Las Lomas Page and classified as a multitool in the photographer section because he basically is frequently called to do other random things. Going into his third year with The Page, he is finally a senior photographer and a member of the board of Asian photography section leaders. Outside of journalism, he is an avid rocketeer, and a complete nerd who gets excited over reading technical datasheets. 

Eric Wickboldt is a Junior at Las Lomas as well as a Staff Writer and Fact Checker for The Page. He skipped Journalism 1 and went straight to Journalism 2 so he could edit articles for The Page. He enjoys correcting grammar as well as incorrect punctuation and capitalization.

Ally Hoogs is a sophomore and is in her second year of journalism. She is a staff writer and writes feature and news articles for The Page. She hopes to continue to develop her writing with the magazine through the rest of her years of high school.

Brian Gewecke is a senior at Las Lomas High School who is part of the graduating class of 2021. He is in his second year as a staff writer for The Page. He is a sports writer, and specializes in writing about basketball.

Brooke Killgore is a current sophomore at Las Lomas High School and in her second year in journalism. She’s currently positioned as a staff writer for sports articles and can usually be found in front of a TV every game day. She wants to pursue her love for sports journalism in her future and is very excited to be with the Page for the first time. 

Cam Lippincott is a junior at Las Lomas high school and has been a staff writer for The Page for two years and a member of the journalism program for three. Cam writes for the features op/co and entertainment sections. Cam is also an avid volunteer for the Michael Samson for Walnut Creek City Council campaign and hopes to work in politics in the future. Cam also has long curly hair that has been praised by almost everyone.

Cameron Pitzak is a sophomore staff writer at the Las Lomas Page. He writes news, features, and opinion articles. His favorite activities include watching TV, playing video games, rock climbing, writing articles for his journalism class, and procrastinating. He wants to pursue his dream of becoming a flight surgeon performing life-saving operations while flying on aircraft.

Eric Khodorenko is a Sophomore at Las Lomas and is in his second year in Journalism. Khodorenko is an Entertainment staff writer that specializes in tech reviews and TV shows. Khodorenko hopes to be able to write more interesting tech reviews and have new products in hand. 

Emma Cypressi is a junior at Las Lomas High School and is a photojournalist for The Page. While this is Emma’s first year working for The Page, she has been doing sports photography for Las Lomas for two years. Emma works with different mediums of art and photography including, film, portraits, and sports.

Jack Abells is a Staff Writer and Layout Designer. As a junior, this is their third year working for The Page. They primarily write news and feature articles. After high school they plan on using the work they’ve done in the magazine to pursue a career in journalism and writing. 

Jackie Veliz is a sophomore in her second year of Journalism study. This year she will be serving as the Photo Personnel Manager for The Page and as a staff photographer. Her goal for this year will be to improve her photoshop techniques but also her piano abilities. Veliz enjoys shooting sports events as well as capturing landscape and portrait shots.

Jennifer Notman is a senior at Las Lomas High School. This is her first year working for The Page and she happens to be the only Staff Artist. When she’s not worrying about being the only one that can draw, she can be seen with her bird or practicing skateboarding with her friends.

Josh Silva, a junior at Las Lomas, is a staff photographer and writer for The Page. Though fervently interested in politics, his true passion is filmmaking, for which he has received numerous accolades and wishes to pursue as a career. In his free time, he’ll find comfort in a Thomas Pynchon novel or Steely Dan LP. He is universally beloved for his deep baritone and resplendent beard. 

Katelyn To is a Staff Writer for The Page at Las Lomas. It is her second year writing for The Page, and she is currently in her Senior year of high school. In her free time, Katelyn enjoys following random recipes she found on YouTube and TikTok and watering her succulents. 

Mateo Requejo-Tejada is a staff writer at the Las Lomas Page. Mateo joined the Page freshman year when he contributed to the Page as a freelance writer during the Black History Month issue. He is currently a junior and has now been a full member of The Page for almost 2 years. 

Riley Martin is a junior and is in her second year of journalism. She is a staff writer who enjoys creating feature and op/co pieces for The Page. She is hoping to engage in more meaningful pieces and further build her journalism path. 

Roxy Schneider is a senior in her second year of journalism. She is a writer for The Page and hoping to write mainly features and entertainment. She loves knowing what’s happening in the world and is an avid TikToker. She also loves dogs!

Savannah West, (or known as Sav by the team) is a sophomore at Las Lomas and her preferred pronouns are she/her. She is a Staff Photographer and Staff Layout Designer for The Page and likes to take portraits. In her spare time she plays for Diablo Volleyball Club (DVVC). She’s been in the theatre since the third grade and enjoys acting and being in the tech crew.

Sebastian Squire is a Las Lomas Junior and Staff Writer. He has lived in Walnut Creek for his whole life. This will be his second year in the Journalism program for two years, having spent the last year as a Freelancer for the Page. He writes for the News and Features sections of the Page.

Zeyada Negasi is a Las Lomas Junior, and is entering her third year of Journalism. Negasi is a staff photographer for The Page, and enjoys shooting portraits and landscape photos. Outside of Journalism she enjoys traveling and hanging out with friends.