2021-2022 Staff

Mateo Requejo-Tejada is a Las Lomas senior, and co-Editor-in-Chief for 2021-2022. Alongside being EIC, he is president of the school’s Black Student Union committee; creating a safe place on our school campus to have open dialogue regarding race. Mateo’s passion for journalism and equity work stems from his love of listening to different viewpoints and bringing people together. He enjoys physical activities like track, and weightlifting while finding time to squeeze in the occasional netflix binge.

Brooke Killgore is a current junior at Las Lomas High School and co-Editor-in-Chief of The Page for 2021-2022. She is very involved with sports writing, mostly football, basketball and volleyball, though she is learning the basics of baseball. Brooke is passionate about both beach and indoor volleyball, Star Wars and her cute pets, Macy and Nikko. Even though she lives in 49er’s territory, Brooke is a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan and can usually be found, with her dad, every Sunday watching the game.

Josh Silva is the Entertainment Editor and Director of the Media Department for the Las Lomas Page. He loves making movies, reading, going to the beach, and Austin “Danger” Powers, whom he invited to the Journalism Class. For him, The Page is, to quote Vin Diesel, ‘“Family.” In The Page he has found a way to fulfill his artistic desires in a community of passionate and expressive people. 

Ally Hoogs is a junior at Las Lomas and this is her third year working for The Page. She started her work freshman year as a features writer and is now the op-co editor, as well as online publisher. She loves her staff position and plans on being in journalism for all four years of high school. When not writing fervently for the next issue, she can be found binge-watching a Netflix series or spending time with her pets.

Senior Cam Lippincott has been on The Page staff since Freshman year as a Staff Writer. He is now News Editor of the magazine, Twitter Manager and Co-Producer of the Media Department. He thoroughly enjoys working on the Journalism staff and is very passionate about his writing. When he is not working on his articles he is watching Seinfeld and Godzilla movies.

A spirited senior of Las Lomas, Riley Martin, is thrilled to be working her third year on The Page as the Features Editor. Her current position details helping people frame their own unique ideas and adding proper structure while still maintaining a free-flowing tone. Her philosophical mindset fuels her passion for literature and incentivizes the class of Journalism in order to branch out into more creative writing.

Charlie Pentland is a Las Lomas junior who is the sports editor and a staff writer for The Page. He knows everything there is to know about all Las Lomas sports. Charlie plays varsity baseball for Las Lomas and enjoys playing a variety of different sports. He spends his free time perfecting his ping pong skills and hitting the gym. 

Jane Wilson, a senior at Las Lomas, has gone to school in Walnut Creek for her whole life. While photography is a huge part of her life, she enjoys music and fashion.  Wilson started her journalism career in yearbook and later transferred into journalism her sophomore year. She takes great pride in her work, and her photography Instagram (@jane.wilsonn) is a great place to check out her work. Wilson found her love for photography through portraits and exploring the world of sport photography. Wilson is applauded for her wide range of photography and beautiful work. Currently the head photographer, she manages the photo department and leads other photographers in the class. Wilson assists people in solving problems and many consider her as the creative powerhouse of Las Lomas journalism. Wilson has built her name at this school and many are inspired to be like her. 

Junior Sara Valbuena has been on The Page since her sophomore year. Joining as the Online Graphics Chief and Staff Photographer, she is now the Graphics Manager of the magazine. Outside of The Page, Sara enjoys art, music, family and tortoises. She is an indigenous Latina and is very involved in her culture and equity work.

Yiying Zhang is now officially a senior at Las Lomas(shocking, right?). He has been with The Page for all 4 years of his high school career and is currently the Equipment Manager, Photographer, and Graphics Designer. In school, he is a huge science nerd ,a skillful procrastinator and enjoys working on unrelated stuff instead of his homework. Outside of school, he craves the thrill of battle in League of Legends every night and for preposterous reasons, studies the game harder than his AP tests.  

Currently a junior at Las Lomas High school, Kate Rider is a staff writer and co-layout manager for The Page. She was drawn to The Page for the endless writing opportunities and stayed for the loving community she found. She has been with The Page since 2019, making this her third year working beside her devoted peers. Outside of school Kate enjoys reading, watching television, and playing with her dog.

Katharine Chi has attended all four years at Las Lomas and is now a senior. Coming from Indian Valley, then to WCI, she has been a part of the Walnut Creek community for the majority of her life. Her writing and layout skills stems from her work for various yearbooks, but then later transfer to journalism Junior year to further extend her skills. Chi primarily writes opinion columns and is a stellar Head Layout Manager. As the Head Layout Manager, she organizes spreadsheets, assigns layout designers’ jobs, and finalizes page spreads. She believes she will pursue journalism in the future, all thanks to The Page. She is an inspiration to underclassmen who are looking to take on her positions. Chi is always willing to help and is a ray of sunshine in the classroom. 

Jack/Jackie Abells  is a senior at Las Lomas and has been a staff writer for The Page since her freshman year. She joined to better her writing abilities but originally was also interested in photography, but learned that her strength resided in writing articles. She enjoys writing fiction outside of The Page. “I’m one of the few people you’ll meet who has written more articles than they’ve read”.

Makena Carey is a junior at Las Lomas and has been a part of The Page since her sophomore year as a Staff Artist. She joined The Page for the idea of a fun, welcoming community and stayed on for both the chance to make art for something that mattered and for the community. Outside of school, Makena loves to draw in her many sketchbooks and play video games.

Christina Chen is a junior at Las Lomas High School. She has been a staff writer for The Page since her sophomore year, and she enjoys writing all different kinds of articles. Outside of journalism, she loves playing guitar. Chen is bilingual and can speak Mandarin. She has one older sister and one younger sister. She is excited to be writing for The Page again this year!

Brennan Dumesnil-Vickers, a junior at Las Lomas, is in his second year with The Page. As someone who’s always loved writing and baseball, he’s combined his passions to bring the best possible coverage to the Las Lomas community. When not writing for The Page, he’s probably watching the Giants or winning any game of Wii Sports.

Andrew Francois, born in 2004, has lived in Walnut Creek his whole life, first going to school at Parkmead Elementary School, and now attending Las Lomas. Andrew says he appreciates being able to see all Walnut Creek has to offer. Being an esteemed entertainment/ features writer for The Page isn’t easy; he credits his writing success to freshmen English teacher Mr. Collins. When he’s not practicing his Latin, in his free time you could catch him rowing, biking, or just reading at home. 

Lizzie Flores is a junior at Las Lomas and is now in her second year working as a graphic artist for The Page. She plans on staying in journalism for the remainder of high school. She enjoys collaborating with different writers to bring articles to life. She loves making The Page a bit more colorful with her graphics. Outside of her work, she can be found drawing for leisure, listening to music, or going out with friends.

Abby Halverstadt, a part of the graduating class of 2022, is in her second year of Journalism as a staff photographer. Joining The Page provided the resources to practice the art she had long admired. Her main hobby, thrifting, has allowed her to take the environmentally sustainable route on all things in her life, which she hopes will expand even more when she majors in Conservation Biology after high school.

Andrew Martinez Cabrera is a senior staff writer for The Page. He joined the program two years ago not only to spend time with his friends, but also to get his writing published. Martinez has been in The Page for his second year now, and likes to write entertainment articles. In his own time, he writes screenplays. His muses include Dominic “Fast and ‘Family’ Furious”  Toretto, Riddick, and Xander Cage.

Alma Snortum-Phelps is a junior in the class of 2023 at Las Lomas High School. She has been a part of The Page’s graphics team since the start of her sophomore year. She is also a part of the gardening club on campus. In addition to her extracurricular activities outside of school, she also enjoys drawing and baking. She enjoys reading as well. Her favorite series is The Raven Cycle

Adam Tarr is a talented Page Staff writer who enjoys watching and playing sports. Tarr, writing in his second year with the page, enjoys sports and displays his advanced level of insight about his favorite sport, soccer. In his downtime, Tarr enjoys kicking back and relaxing by playing video games. 

Sebastian Squire is a senior at Las Lomas. He is a staff writer as well as a co-producer and interviewer for The Page Media Department. He started doing journalism at Las Lomas because he believes that hyper-local reporting is key to the community of Las Lomas and he’s proud to continue its rich tradition

Katelyn To is a Staff Writer for The Page at Las Lomas. It is her second year writing for The Page, and she is currently in her Senior year of high school. In her free time, Katelyn enjoys following random recipes she found on YouTube and TikTok and watering her succulents. 

Luke Theodossy is a junior at Las Lomas, and this is his second year at The Page. He started in the graphics department drawing graphics for the online edition of The Page. Now as a junior he is back in journalism and ready to start making graphics for the magazine. Though he isn’t a writer for The Page, he likes to write realistic fiction and mild fantasy stories as a hobby.

Jackie Veliz is a junior attending Las Lomas High School. She has been a part of the journalism program since her freshman year as a staff photographer and has recently taken up the job of equipment manager. This year her goal is to join the media department in hopes of creating films and podcasts! Outside of journalism, Veliz enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and playing the piano. 

Sav West is Staff Photographer for the Las Lomas Page. This is their third year in Journalism, and their favorite aspect of the class is the freedom and expressiveness it cultivates. In their free time, you can catch them playing volleyball, reading, binging Netflix, or, most frequently, feeding into their shopping addiction. Journalism has shaped them into becoming a more involved and aware individual.

Eric Wickboldt (Class of 2022) is a staff writer and copy editor at The Page. He helps to make sure that the grammar makes sense and the articles have up-to-date and accurate information. Gone are the days of pie graphs that do not add up to one hundred percent and grammatical mistakes in The Page. He joined after seeing grammatical errors prior to his tenure at The Page.

Dominic Gewecke is a staff writer from the class of 2023, starting his junior year of high school. He likes to spend time with his friends in his free time, and likes writing about sports and news. This is his second year in The Page, and he is hoping to do journalism again next year.