Making The World At LL With a Friend

By Brooke Killgore and Ally Hoogs

Photo of Dominic Tan by Savannah West

“Friendship means a relationship you have with someone who you think is trustworthy….”, seventh grader Hailey Roake comments when asked her definition of a friend. One of many middle-schoolers who described a friend the same way.

Being a friend resonates differently from person to person but throughout the age groups there is a pattern on the meaning of having someone close to you. Freshman Michael Wood mentioned a friend is someone “…who is loyal…who is there by your side and helps you through the hard things in life,” which “is important.” 

The same thing was described by sophomore Coco Taylor as “someone who you can trust…[who is] nice,” and “someone who stays by your side” no matter what.

Hardships like moving to a new place and attending a public school, which is nerve racking for everyone who has to endure it and creates a barrier for those trying to make friends. 

Both Coco and Michael experienced such differences since they both come from out of the Acalanes School District, having to adjust to a new environment with new people. 

A junior at Las Lomas, Dominic Tan, also shares his experience transferring from Southern California and making friends: “…one person can make your whole entire worldsomeone that you can go to and basically considered as family.”  Regardless of the amounts of them, or how well you make them, friendship is a basic human necessity. They are able to see you in ways adults can’t, bring a smile to your face in your darkest moments, and manage to help you accomplish your goals. mentions the effects of loneliness in your life, “…increases the risk of suicide for young and old alike” and even those surronded by many people, can be affected by this as well. Many suggest to put yourself with people who make you happy, even in times of grief, instead of those that put you down farther than you started.