Private School Vs. Public School Holiday Break

By Charlie Pentland

Photo by Lashall Richards

As Acalanes Union High School District students return from a two week holiday break, there are still many Bay Area students enjoying their break. Students who attend De La Salle in Concord will benefit from having an additional week of winter break. This has made many students question why their school gets a shorter break. 

California has requirements for all of their schools, private and public. For public schools, students are required to have 180 school days. Private schools in California are only required to have 175 school days. Naturally, this means private schools in California will get more breaks. 

When asked about public school students get less time off, Faisal Dickey had this to say. “I’m not 100% sure why that is. I don’t think that’s entirely fair.” Faisal is a freshman at Las Lomas High School. “Shouldn’t we all have the same amount of school days?” He went on. This is a valid point raised by some students attending public school. 

“I didn’t know we had less school. Personally, I don’t really care that we have less break, but I can see why some public school students do.” Said Jack Jerge. Jack is a Freshman at De La Salle. He gets the benefit of having five less school days. All in all, it’s really just one additional school week, not that much in the long run. But it is interesting to wonder why private schools get less school days then public school.