The Real Thoughts on Winter Break

By Roxy Schneider

Everyone’s favorite part of the school year is the cherished winter break. A time where we have two glorious weeks to just cool down and take a break from school. Usually, though, we have had finals right after the break, which usually led to some amount of stress during over the holiday. But, this year we were granted pre-holiday finals which caused less stress and more fun. That being said, did break seem too long or too short? I compared students that stayed in almost all of the break to students that were out most of break. For those who stayed in, junior Mia Hanson said: “When you have nothing to do at home but sleep, the days seem to go by slowly.” As a student who had been home very rarely, freshman Amber Van Deusen said, “Break went by super fast, mainly because I wasn’t home for more than a day.” But, should break be longer or shorter? The answer was pretty obvious. Every student I interviewed all said that they wish the break was at least a week longer, like at high schools Carondelet and De La Salle. Even with the extra day off this break due to teacher work day, students still felt as if they needed more time to sleep and de-stress from finals two weeks prior.