AirPods Pro vs. AirPods

Photography by Zakai Avidor

In October, Apple released the AirPods Pro. These new AirPods featured an all new redesign, noise cancellation, adjustable tips and a new case. They were a massive improvement over AirPods, but they came with a new price tag. The AirPods Pro are $250, while the AirPods are either $160 or $200, depending on whether or not you get the wireless charging case. AirPods Pro also feature a new technology that they coin ‘Transparency Mode.’ This basically allows you to be able to listen to your music, but it allows some noise from around you to come in through the earbuds. So, if you were in a room where you wanted to listen to your music but also be semi-aware of your surroundings, you could do this. Now, I have spent a couple weeks with both of these devices and I can now come to a conclusion.

First off, for some people the AirPods fit great. I agree with this as the regular AirPods fit in my ears great. Although, when I tried the AirPods Pro, they just refused to stay in. Jaw movement made them loosen and after a while I was afraid they could ultimately fall out. Now, this doesn’t happen to everyone. I know plenty of people whose AirPods Pro feel amazing in their ears. You may want to head to an Apple store and ask to try AirPods Pro on before buying. The noise cancellation is amazing. It blows the Airpods right out of the water. The noise around you is significantly deafened. Not completely, but so much better. With the regular AirPods, you could hear a lot of outside noise with volume up quite high in just a regular classroom. This is unhealthy for your ears and rather annoying, especially if you’re on a flight. Transparency is also amazing. I was able to clearly hear my music, but if someone was talking to someone next to me, I was able to understand some of what they were saying. 

All these things are great, but unfortunately, I can’t keep my AirPods Pro because of their fit. Ultimately, they just don’t fit my ears. Which means that for me, AirPods win. But for most people, AirPods Pro are the superior pair of earbuds.