Menstrual Products In Mens’ Bathrooms

By Riley Martin

Graphic by Lexy Martinucci

Menstrual products in the boy bathrooms would never have become in the realm of possibility if it weren’t for our evolutionizing society. This article directly refers to the high school scene, since many universities have been giving it a shot. In order to make a more inclusive atmosphere among the various students and their varying identities, more schools, like the University of Rochester, have been putting baskets of free menstrual products in men’s bathrooms. The question is a complicated one for the high school level, since our brain has not developed into the more matured one compared to the college level. Although, sophomore male, Jacob Alexanian stated, “I have no particular problem with them [menstrual products], if they will be put to use I do not see the problem in making a more inclusive environment.” The uncomfortableness that stimulates manifests in the societal norm that forms. Giving another opinion, HSD (health and social development) teacher, Miss Reeves-Hampton responds to the question if the products should be placed there: “In an ideal world, yes, of course. Absolutely. Though I do not believe it is that simple, in regards to making a more inclusive environment.” In a day an age of acceptance and inclusiveness to all, no matter race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, one would think it should be that simple. Collectively as a whole, we must make it this simple if we want to reach a point of acceptance that truly provides an all-encompassing environment for the people.