The Forgotten Sports of Las Lomas

Photography by Jackie Veliz

To many students, Las Lomas sports seem to consist of who’s going to the JV or varsity game that night. Whether it be basketball or soccer, many tend to forget about the beginning level of those sports: the freshman team, or frosh. Freshman Alexis Delmonico, who plays for the freshman girls’ soccer team, notices the distant connection from JV and varsity to frosh sports, “It has to do with the ‘culture’ surrounding freshman … the majority of them [JV and varsity teams] have been doing strenuous school sports opposed to rec sports longer, making them better and more fun to watch…”

Some students, regardless of their sport’s fanclub, are excited to play. Freshman Riley Petrocco, who played on the freshman girls volleyball team, states, “I enjoyed playing for freshman because it gave me a good peek into what the JV and varsity teams have in store for me…there isn’t too much pressure and you play with girls at your level…” 

Even coaches start to notice the lack of support for their teams, including some from the freshman basketball team. Their head coach, Brian Peel, who goes by Coach B, is spending his first year instructing freshman basketball to Las Lomas and has some remarks, “….freshman can have a ton of hype around them, you could have a good group of guys coming into the school. It shows good promise for the coming years…” Throughout the various seasons, freshman sports bring great hope as they continue to do well in multiple games, some going undefeated on several occasions. But, it is not sure when they will receive the acceptance that many players desire, but like their older classmates, they carry the pride of their school on their shoulders, and will continue working to prove themselves. Freshman Milan Chavez, who currently plays on the freshman soccer team, says. “…we’re all friends…it gives us pride from playing with each other…”