by Katelyn To

From Yeezys to velvet dresses, there were various clothing trends that took to the stage in the 2010s. Whether they may be stylishly chic or absolutely hideous, they all played a major part in shaping the past decade. This is a time capsule of the most popular clothing trends from 2010 and going through 2019. 

Comfortable attire was a popular fashion trend of the decade. Athleisure, a word formed from the two words athletic and leisure, refers to comfortable clothing that can be worn both casually on an everyday basis and to exercise. It especially rose to new heights with the newfound popularity of Lululemon, an athletic clothing company. The trend of athleisure made it socially acceptable and even stylish to wear comfortable, active apparel outside of the gym. Underneath the broad term of athleisure reside leggings or yoga pants, joggers, and tracksuits, usually by names such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Northface.

Shoes definitely took a stand as well (pun intended). Brands such as Toms, Ugg, Converse, Vans, Birkenstock, Nike, and Fila made their mark in the 2010s. Specific shoes like Yeezys by Kanye West, Nike’s Air Force 1, checkered Vans, high top Converse, Air Jordans by basketball player Michael Jordan, and “dad” shoes or clunky sneakers from Baleciaga were also very popular this decade. Overall, most people stuck to everyday sneakers. For more formal occasions, people may have been seen wearing black loafers, pointy-toed pumps, knee-high boots, wedge heels, or suede over-the-knee boots made popular by Ariana Grande. 

While there were some new additions to the fashion world, many of these trends were revivals from past decades. From the 70s, we brought back bell-bottoms and palazzo pants, which are wide-legged pants, usually with colorful patterns. Gypsy and off-the-shoulder blouses also came back from the hippie era. Lots of denim styles from the 80s made a comeback as well, such as ripped jeans, mom jeans, and denim jackets. Scrunchies and bright-colored leather jackets also popped up this past year. Lastly, the 90s gave us chokers, flannels, overalls, crop tops, slip dresses, large barrettes, fanny packs, and tiny sunglasses—just to name a few. 

When people wanted to dress things up a bit, some probably reached for velvet. Velvet has become significantly popular over the past years, usually in the form of a dress or tux. Velvet dresses were often layered with turtlenecks or t-shirts. Other popular dresses of the decade include halters, a style of neckline that starts at the front of the neck and snakes around the neck, and high low dresses, which drape shorter in front and longer in the back.