Magazine Sport Volume 69, Issue 4

Boys Basketball Off to a Strong Start

This year’s boys basketball season has already seen a massive improvement since last year. The team has an 13-5 win record and a 2-3 league record, last year at this point in the season  they had a 9-7 record and finished the season 13-17, getting knocked out in the 1st round of the state playoffs. Senior team captain Cooper Wise has no doubts about the team’s success, “ I would say that so far this year the team is playing just as we expected. We expected to be a good team this year and we have been performing very well and winning lots of games.” Wise also added, “I think this year our team has improved because we have much better chemistry as teammates and we all get along well and play well together.” However, the season doesn’t stop now. The knights are now entering their league games and are hungry for the league title. The knights won back to back league titles in 2017 and 2018 and finished in sixth last season. 

I had the chance to interview senior captain’s David Tibbets and Cooper Wise and one thing they both agreed on was the importance of the Battle of the Creek games versus Northgate, “I am most looking forward to the battle of the creek games. Those games are always so fun because of the rivalry we have so the energy and intensity is always really high,” said Wise. Tibbets added, “After coming off a loss the Northgate, I’m definitely looking forward to play them again”. Las Lomas lost the first battle of the creek in a close game 52-46 and looks to bounce back in their next matchup on January 31st at Las Lomas.

With the rest of the season on the way Cooper was optimistic, “I think the rest of the season will go very well. We’re off to a great start and I think we will continue to play well. I think we’ll do very well in the league and then make a long run in the playoffs.” Last year the knights made it into the Semi-finals of the NCS playoffs where they lost to Moreau Catholic and lost to Foothill in the first round of the state playoffs. Las Lomas is in the second division of the NCS which includes some good teams such as Cardinal Newman and Campolindo. “We’ve got a talented group of guys, I think we can go pretty far” said Tibbets.