Magazine Sport Volume 69, Issue 4

Girls Soccer Kicking Off Another Season

The Las Lomas Girls Varsity Soccer team is just beginning their journey this season. With a summer and fall full of workouts, the Knights trained months prior to this season. “We have summer workouts Tuesdays and Thursdays for two hours almost every week during the summer,” Junior Ashley Cowell said. These workouts usually included an hour of lifting and an hour of playing. 

A few weeks into the school year, the team began their Wednesday morning workouts, spending the majority of that time in the weight room getting physically fit for the season. “Workouts in the weight room are hard,” Junior Alexa Kennedy said. “Coach is not afraid to make us work hard, but we take it gratefully because we want to win.”

Filled with talent and undoubtable chemistry on the field, the Knights look forward to another great season ahead. “We are working on more team bonding on and off the field so that when we are on the field we can be super connected,” Senior Camille Powell said. “I think communication is really a major key for us and our success.”

Practice time is taken very seriously. “Practices are intense,” Kennedy said. “Everyone is fighting for a starting spot on the field.” 

Despite the competitive nature of practices and games, the team’s main goal is to work together towards success. “I’m really looking forward to growing as a team and working harder during practice,” Cowell said. “I want to play in games that give us the results that we want.”

The season has been filled with highlights, one of these occurring during the game against Northgate. At the start of the second half, the Knights’ chemistry was showcased in a passing play resulting in a goal. In the first 53 seconds of the second half, Alessandra Towle had scored a goal. “Even though we lost the game, it was an amazing goal,” Powell said. “It was definitely a team effort, as every player touched the ball before it hit the back of the net.”

With a challenging schedule kicking off the season, the Knights had a slow start. In a very exciting and high-scoring game, the team pulled off their first win against Mt. Diablo High School. 

“Winning our first game felt really good since we won by so much,” Cowell said. “I think the Mt. Diablo game will give us the momentum to win the rest of our games this season and make it to NCS.” The final score was 11-0, giving them the confidence they need going into the remainder of their season.