Magazine Opinions Volume 69, Issue 4

Lost in Translation

American filmmakers remake foreign films in a variety of genres. Generally, these productions are made to capitalize on the success of a film that has done well in another country. Producing a movie requires significant funding so American filmmakers  remake movies that are proven to be popular to reduce the financial risk for Filmmakers. While this has been the practice for some time, the number of foreign films produced in America has significantly increased recently. Many of these movies are successful, but there are those that do not achieve the results of the original production. In my opinion, the United States should not be remaking foreign films for a number of reasons. Specifically, these particular productions often fail to communicate the same message, differences in language and culture can be difficult for audiences to understand. There are also many available American topics that should be produced.

     One reason the United States should not remake foreign films is that the ideas in the original movie may not transfer to another country.  For instance, when  a movie is made about a particular event or issue occurring in a foreign country,  the United States will sometimes produce a film based on the original. But, since the events are different, the message that is communicated by the second film may not be the same. Secondly, remade foregin films often do not succeed due to differences in language. Countries have idioms and some words that do not always translate with the same meaning into other languages. In this case, the audience viewing the remade film may not be able to fully comprehend the dialogue which will affect the movie’s overall meaning and the entertainment value.  Thirdly, many customs, traditions, and symbols  are not universal across countries. Therefore, replacing a specific aspect of the original movie would likely affect the meaning of the remade movie. Also, cultures in different countries may vary in the way in which they view humor. Lastly, the United States has a rich, diverse history and culture that can provide many topics for storylines for movies. These original stories are important as they inform and entertain the American public about meaningful social, political, and cultural issues that affect their everyday lives.

     In conclusion, American filmmakers should not recreate films that were made in other countries as they risk sending different messages in these movies due to differences in language and culture. Additionally, original movies made in this country offer the public opportunities for enrichment through stories that are relevant to their daily lives. In my view, foregin films are best viewed in their original form.