Meditation and its Purpose

by Riley Martin

Photography by Lashall Richards

Meditation is a known scientific process which produces peace in our minds and a more compassionate human being. What meditation does is build our mind’s flexibility and what that increase of flexibility produces is a happier individual. With a steady rise in happiness also comes the reduction of stress. When meditating, “the cortisol levels are lowered; the main hormone in control of stress.” this piece of information was provided by Kristen Neff an expert of the relations of self compassion and the links of it to mindfulness ie. mediation. Meditation can come in many forms: one of these, for example, could be a child playing an instrument or a sport. At the stage of becoming an adult, not many have a selected time for those things that once calmed them. They must achieve this serene-filled state of mind by promptly making time to do so. Physical education, weight-training, and yoga teacher, Miss Herring, heavily agrees with this. She stated, “Life is crazy…so I always feel a sense of peace after I meditate, and I end up getting more done than I would have if I hadn’t meditated. Though, I do have to admit, it is hard to tell yourself to do it when you feel like you are sitting, getting nothing done.” All this considered, she understands the hectic reality of life and the scientific importance of meditation and the struggles to maintain the discipline to use it to better her daily-to-weekly life. It is a way that all can practice to have a more compassion driven and developed society.