New Snake Features on Google

by Connor Mackle

Photo by August Theodossy

Everyone seems to play games on their computers at school, and it seems to be easier and easier through the use of the internet. In fact, Google has implemented a way to play classic games on their Games & Toys section, with memorable, timeless games such as Snake, Minesweeper, Pac-Man, Tic Tac Toe and Solitaire. By themselves, these games are fun and enjoyable, but recently Google has actually added new features to the Snake game. By simply searching “snake”, you can find the game in your browser, ready to play at the click of a button. Now, not only can you play the classic Snake mode, but you can also choose between a variety of new game styles, new snake colors and different consumables. There used to be two snake colors; blue and rainbow, but now there is a selection of 11 different colors to choose from. Alsthere are 14 different options for the snake’s food, and now there are seven different game modes. While the color and food are purely cosmetic, the game modes change the style of gameplay, such as sped up and slowed down speeds, extra food, and an invincible snake. The classic mode is still available, and a unique game mode which adds a new wall every time you consume food. With these new game modes, it’s hard to resist playing snake on Google, as simple as it is.