Vday with your Boo

by Roxy Schneider

Photography by Zakai Avidor

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means sweet treats, cute dates and lots of love. Here are some ideas to make sure your Valentine’s Day is as sweet as your date. 

  1. Dinner- Dinner may seem original but it never fails to impress. Take your boo to a nice candlelight dinner with her favorite foods. Either taking your boo out or making dinner works just like a charm. Make sure you are comfortable enough with your significant other to be able to keep a conversation to go on longer than ten minutes.
  2. Drive-In Movies- The drive in is a perfect place to cuddle up next your boo, eat your movie snacks, and enjoy a movie nearby. Solano Drive-In  is located in Concord and is an easy cheap date if your low on cash. Tickets are $8.50 a person while snacks vary.
  3. Bowling- Although this doesn’t seem as much as a date, it always is a success. Bowling brings out each others competitive side. To make this date even more enjoyable, try adding  a risk to it. Whoever loses has to buy the food of the others choice. Danville Bowl a perfect place to let your competitive side out. So let loose and have some fun!