Features Volume 69, Issue 4

Write it Down!

The sun pierces through a part in the clouds, submerges the air, and walks up those steps. The windows open, airy aisles welcoming its embrace. The light peruses crisp covers of books and journals, bouncing off of the plastic coats of cards waiting to be received. Then settles on a mug, tracing the letters that adorn it as the door makes way for a group with curious eyes, dispersing among the aisles with the rays thawing their cheeks.

Less than a year ago, Valli Hilaire discovered what she truly wanted: “To have my own space in the world where I could share all of the cool stuff I’ve found with others and become a part of the community.” Always having been in love with writing, Hilaire has collected an assortment of stationary over the years. She named her establishment after the products she hoped to sell and her belief in the importance of writing everything down not only to stay organized, but also because writing out your thoughts and feelings out can help with de-stressing and becoming more self-analytical.

She’s always considered herself an entrepreneur: “I produced shows for local bands in my early 20s and I wrote a blog called The Fast and the Fabulous about NASCAR and motorsports for 8 years,” Hilaire said. Thus, she was prepared to work hard in order to bring her dream to life. “Once I figured out that I wanted to open a retail store of my own, I consumed any and all media and content I could find on the topic,” she said. Then, she used said research to form a business plan which would help in obtaining the needed funding, securing a space for the shop, and figuring out which specific products she wanted to sell.

Write That Down! is open from 11am to 7pm on Tuesdays through Saturdays 12pm to 5pm on Sundays at 1500 South Main Street— right between Pancoast Pizza and the main entrance to LL. This stationary boutique has a vibrant variety of products available for purchase such as notebooks, writing and drawing utensils, inspiring books, and greeting cards. Hilaire will also be holding events at the store, such as those this February: flower arranging on the 13th at 6pm for $65 per ticket and a brush lettering class on the 22nd at 1pm for $60 per ticket. Students get 10% off all items on the 22nd, too. See @writethatdownwc on Instagram and writethatdownwc.com for details. Hilaire said, “I think [Write That Down]’s going to do really well as I expand on our marketing and get people into the store to see what we have. It’s been great meeting our customers and interesting to find out what things people like and what they want.”