January with a side of stress

by Ally Hoogs

Photography by Marco Perez Lorente

Las Lomas scholars can feel the educational and household strain that public schooling can dole out as January comes to a close. In a recently conducted poll of 151 LL students, all of the responses credited their strain to school assignments and the issues it causes their families. 

The most popular comments include mental and physical health, abusive relations, drama at school, and balancing it all on top of maintaining high standards for college applications. 

91% admitted their grades constantly bother them. “Homework, parents, friends, and the…overwhelming[ness] of everything stresses me out,” stated an anonymous LL student on the topic. This leaves no “time to relax because there is always something that needs to be done,” another classmate showed.

 According to students, school can cause lots of strain, which loops back to affect their families as well. If someone does not “help around the house,” or get to specific things because of “doing a large amount of homework,” it attributes to some household problems, some say. Worrying about being “good enough for [their] parents and to not mess up [in school],” creates an unrestricted strain on family connections, which can tear apart crucial relationships.

School bonds also exert a significant percentage of their minds, on top of everything else happening during adolescence. “The state of my relationships with family and close friends [and] how quickly those things could change drastically,” is a considerable factor in stress levels, explained by one student.

High-Schoolers are significantly worrying due to school assignments and the way it is creating a ripple effect on their relationships. Preparing for the new year to come and college acceptance letters being passed out causes many LL students issues with mental health, which therefore gives them less of an opportunity to learn.