Best Pizza in Walnut Creek

Graphic by August Theodossy

Pizza is consumed by many people all around the world. The average American eats 46 slices in a year. I wanted to figure out who has the best pizza in Walnut Creek. 

One of my favorites is Extreme Pizza, though it is more expensive than average. Their Hawaiian pizza is one of my favorite foods. (Pineapples belong on pizza.) It’s a medium-sized pizza with just the right crust and a perfect amount of bread. The blend of cheese makes it excellent. I then tried some slice based places. Which I generally don’t recommend because they aren’t very filling and remain relatively expensive. It’s cheaper and faster but I still prefer full sized pizzas. Slice House is a great example of one slice pizza done right. They give you huge slices for a decent price. But, unfortunately, they don’t have that many different types of pizza compared to other single slice pizzas. There is also a relatively small area to sit compared to other places. Pizza My Heart is another option, but they have smaller pieces and they generally don’t taste as good as Slice House. California Pizza Kitchen is a place I love for a memorable event. It’s got a fantastic atmosphere and the pizza has a thin crust that tastes great.

There are many pizza places in Walnut Creek that I might not have mentioned, but Slice House is the best pizza place for most people. It’s got a great taste, decent price and it is a super quick place to stop by for a quick bite.